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Ivana VidičekIvana Vidiček
20:15 22 May 24
I recently stumbled upon a video mentioning Antonio and started doing a little more research. In the end, I decided to call and I can say that it was one of the best decisions I've made in recent times. From the very first contact and conversation, he was more than accessible and we agreed on cooperation very quickly. In the shortest possible time, I received all the necessary information and my diet plan, and we immediately started live training. Although I was initially afraid of training in the gym, I can say that I really liked them and enjoy each one more and more. I really like his individual approach and that we can incorporate some things into training that I want to try. I saw the first results after a month, and in addition to being an excellent trainer, Antonio is also a wonderful friend who will always jump in with advice, whether it's about fitness or something else. Thank you for everything☺️🫶
Nikola Anić-KaligerNikola Anić-Kaliger
12:12 17 May 24
excellent program and warm cooperationrecommendation to everyone!!
Monika PetravićMonika Petravić
16:57 16 Apr 24
Marina KrizmanicMarina Krizmanic
08:13 10 Apr 24
Filip MandicFilip Mandic
16:56 02 Apr 24
He helped me rehabilitate my injury through a training plan that we came up with together through a video call and consultation
Vjekoslava BatovanjaVjekoslava Batovanja
14:48 02 Apr 24
From the first conversation, through joining the online program, until today, Antonio and I cooperate as if we've known each other forever 😂 If you're thinking about which (online) program with a trainer to choose, I think your search is over here. Antonio answers every question I have as soon as possible and in enough detail that I can perform the exercise myself and prevent injuries. Training support is without a single complaint. However, what motivated me the most to join this program is the way of eating that Antonio advocates. I am not a supporter of diets and I want to have freedom in my diet. With Antonio, I learned to eat healthy in accordance with my own goals and the results are more than satisfactory.In short, I felt comfortable and supported at all times, and the results are not only physical appearance, but also new knowledge and habits.If you want the best support in changing your habits for the better, look no further!Thanks to coach 🫂
Trninić GabrielaTrninić Gabriela
08:46 30 Mar 24
Antonio is a wonderful coach and certainly becomes a wonderful friend. I learned so much about a healthy life, with him I learned how unhealthy I was living until now. Training adapts to you and your life, as well as nutrition. It was very helpful for me that I didn't strictly have to eat "this, that and that" at every meal, but I had a choice of dishes and I could combine what I wanted to eat myself, with a certain number of kg. In a month and a half, I lost 5 kg and 10 cm in my waist (I'm a person with good genetics + I've already trained, so all this was not foreign to me or my body). When I fall motivationally, Antonio is there to explain that it's perfectly fine and that he knows how to handle it, it's important to continue on the next day.
Valentina MamicValentina Mamic
17:41 22 Mar 24
Super satisfied, all recommendations!
Petra GrbavacPetra Grbavac
12:20 12 Mar 24
Although we haven't even brought the cooperation to an end yet, I feel the need to write a review so that as soon as possible as many people as possible can see it and decide to take that step in their lives. The gym and trainers have always been a world I thought I didn't belong in. What about your own resistance, what about what I would see - you eat 3 of the same foods, buy yourself protein and aimlessly spend hours and hours a week in the gym to have a beautiful body. My opinion started to change when I came across Antonio's videos in which he explains in a simple and smart way how to exercise, what to eat and how to live. It didn't take long for me to contact him and to finally agree on cooperation.And it was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. His holistic approach to everything, from getting to know you as a person and your current habits to a cleverly designed exercise plan and diet plan that leaves you with enough calories for a whole piece of cake a day, absolutely blew me away. Of course, very quickly the whole story becomes your everyday life, so even that cake is not exciting to you anymore, so you prefer to pick some fruit and take a walk around the neighborhood. And that is the most important thing, long-term changing of habits and living life in a better and healthier rhythm. I won't even talk about laughter during training and positive energy, you'll have to see for yourself if you choose him as your coach. Antonio, thank you for everything you do and the world is definitely a healthier and better place with people like you. I'm looking forward to everything to come and all the new challenges!
Ivana TIvana T
11:54 12 Mar 24
After 35 years, I finally started exercising, and with my husband's motivation, Antonio is also a great support. I've only been working out with it for 1.5 months, and I'm already seeing results and I've finally got the will. Antonio is also responsible for this with his way of working. I like his approach, which is stimulating, but not intrusive, which is there when it squeaks and when it doesn't go the way I imagined. Recommendations only.
Andrej HabekAndrej Habek
18:34 11 Mar 24
Great experience and results! The boy is to be praised. Trainings are fun, nutrition is varied, everything is right. I've never been much of a fitness person, but I have a feeling this could be a nice fresh start. 🙂
Borna MorovicBorna Morovic
12:32 07 Mar 24
An excellent trainer, he dedicated himself to me and designed every training session just for me, which made me realize that Antonio is really a trainer that I would recommend to anyone!
Klaudija ŠajinovićKlaudija Šajinović
22:32 05 Mar 24
I want to leave one huge recommendation for Antonio.He helped me a lot, he got me started, he gave me a wind at my back, he convinced me that I could do it, that I just had to change my habits a little, he got to the bottom of my problem and many people rejected me.I was a complex case, but we managed.I lost 7 kg in one month, with the fact that I never felt hungry, my meals were even too much.He was very understanding, he is there for all changes if something is not right, I could list endlessly.What I would particularly like to point out is the calmness, the gentleness that he has in his way of working, even if we stumble, there is no problem, we move on, there is no shouting, high tones.Really position yourself as a friend who wishes you well, and then as a coach.I also want to thank him here for everything and recommend him from the bottom of my heart.Greetings from Bosnia.
Ivan MasarIvan Masar
19:59 05 Mar 24
Antoni's and my cooperation did not last long, we agreed that a month would be enough for me to learn how to train and eat, and after that I would continue on my own. Each training session was very pleasant, friendly, and yet professionally designed. I especially liked that I had the opportunity to give him my feedback in each training so that the next training would be even better adapted to me. As of today, I'm continuing on my own, and once again thank you very much, Antonio! ✌️
Dado FelbarDado Felbar
09:41 05 Mar 24
It all started when I saw Antoni on the Tik-Tok network by chance, and I was interested in the way he works with his clients. Although at the beginning I thought another one who talks and wraps it all up so beautifully, and in the end, nothing at all.But somehow I had no peace and I had to contact him to see what was different from the others! And when I contacted him, he explained everything nicely and the most important thing is that he gives you free will, he doesn't put pressure on you, he is friendly... he delighted me with his communicativeness, and most of all his simplicity... a man who is always there for you .. As for the program itself, it helped me a lot in many segments: it's not a diet, but a way of changing the diet, there are no prohibitions and there is always a compromise.. for example, I don't like Broccoli, ok, there are other vegetables, it's not necessary.... Sleep has changed drastically for the better, mood, more motivation for things that were difficult for me before, messy meals no longer exist, I eat even more than before, and the kilos are gone in a little over a month, I lost 8 kg with with the fact that I struggle with training. Imagine what the results would be if I also exercised along with my diet!In short: get in touch, you have nothing to lose but kilos!And to you Antonio, many thanks for everything!
Mia GojevićMia Gojević
23:18 02 Mar 24
I had a lot of difficulties with some kind of healthier rhythm of life until I started working with Antonio. I changed a lot of trainers, the very methods of nutrition and types of training, and everything fell into the water after a while. At the very beginning of the collaboration, Antonio instilled in me such a dose of confidence not only in him but also in myself. I've been in the program for 6 weeks now and I'm overjoyed because I finally feel like I'm eating and training properly and I also have a healthy relationship with food. Antonio as a trainer is extremely dedicated and from the very beginning he was a great motivation and that is why I am still in the program, which I will definitely continue with, because he shows interest in his clients being adequately educated so that they can later maintain that lifestyle themselves.The nutrition concept is excellent, I fell in love with the training, and I have only words of praise for the trainer!Thank you, Antonio, for trusting me as a client, for finally starting to feel comfortable in my body, and for our successful cooperation and let's continue this way! 🙌🏼
Matea MiklecicMatea Miklecic
16:39 23 Feb 24
Best decision in life...top results in a short period of time, all recommendations👍👌
Jana HodakJana Hodak
22:22 20 Feb 24
Working with Antonio enabled me primarily to fall in love with training. Antonio is a trainer with whom I spend several hours a week in training, who sees me at my best, at my worst, from happiness, fatigue, sleepiness, hunger. He is a coach in whom I have complete trust and I give all my sincerity in training, but also when I sin... "two, three sandwiches for breakfast" 🫣😊. The high emotional intelligence and sensibility he provides to the client is commendable. I feel safe, my progress is in controlled conditions of top-notch work. Antonio is supportive, understanding, a friend but also an authority whenever I feel relaxed. I want such a coach for you! Thank you Antonio, for being just that! 🙏
Irena MišIrena Miš
17:18 19 Feb 24
Robert FitošRobert Fitoš
13:43 18 Feb 24
Antonio is extremely pleasant and professional. Very communicative and committed to an individual approach. For a long time I shied away from the gym, but with him as a trainer, it's really a great experience!
Martina PavicMartina Pavic
18:14 17 Feb 24
All praise for trainer Antonio, I gave birth and was at one kilo for 3 months, but after instructions, diet, exercises, support in a month and a half I lost 6.5 kg, so I gained a little more than 2 kilos back, I was under stress, I didn't I didn't keep anything and just ate, but again with the support I lost more than I gained in a short period of time, so all the praise from me.🤗
uroš repšeuroš repše
14:16 17 Feb 24
Excellent trainings, coach with good motivation. Above all, very professional and with excellent knowledge in this field.
Antonia IvaAntonia Iva
17:58 15 Feb 24
Extremely nice, professional and dedicated to his work. I'm someone who after a long time is a beginner again and I didn't really like training, but I have to admit that with him, every next training seems more and more like good fun. Of course with a lot of good and proper exercises. I already had one trainer a long time ago and I have to admit that the comparison is incomparable. Antonio finds a solution for every health problem. It's great because we don't always do the same exercises and it tells me a lot what I can do at home. You can see that he loves his job. I can also say that this comment shows that I like training with him more and more. Perhaps the biggest confirmation is that I travel a little longer to reach it, and I have a gym in front of the apartment.
Mirela RajcanMirela Rajcan
17:49 14 Feb 24
Communication, responsiveness and cooperation beyond expectations! Kudos to Antonio for his way of working and approach. I am looking forward to further cooperation and training 😃.
09:58 13 Feb 24
I have to be honest that at the beginning of the collaboration I didn't really believe that I would succeed, but there is someone who did.. Antonio.. First of all, the biggest supporter in everything and only then the coach. Simply the best at what he does. Thank you for everything so far. 😊
Iva RIva R
21:40 10 Feb 24
Only praise for Antonio. I've been on his weight loss program for a while now and I'll just say the diet plan is great. The kilograms slowly go down, and there is no hunger. The guy is really friendly and always ready to help. He also goes live on TikTok, there's always something new to learn👏
Matea JosipovićMatea Josipović
18:53 10 Feb 24
In 2 weeks of working with Antoni, I can say with certainty that as a coach he is professional, adaptable and friendly. Each training is different and adapted to the person he works with. He listens to me and adapts the training to my needs and possible complaints. Certainly the trainings are not monotonous and every training is interesting.
Nicole GalinecNicole Galinec
11:49 04 Feb 24
Although I have not personally experienced training with Coach Antonio, his expertise is clearly evident in the motivating online content he shares. His dedication to fitness provides inspiration, and his helpful advice opens the door to achieving your own goals. Despite his lack of direct experience, his approach suggests a positive and supportive environment for growth. 💪🤗
Nico RoncevicNico Roncevic
18:48 29 Jan 24
Communicative and accessible for all problems and inquiries. You don't feel like you're ever in the way, which was the most important thing for me as a beginner. Thanks Antonio!
Fran ValerFran Valer
18:41 29 Jan 24
Top atmosphere at training! Neat, dedicated and professional. Great recommendation for Tony 👌
Infinitus RhodeInfinitus Rhode
15:59 26 Jan 24
I can say nothing but the best about Antonio and his work. I'm not the easiest of clients but I never felt anything but positivity and encouragement from Antonio.If you're looking for a personal trainer that really cares about his clients and is willing to listen and accordingly change the workout plan to your abilities but still keeping all the benefits look no further.Five stars well deserved.
Marija BatinovićMarija Batinović
15:06 26 Jan 24
Excellent cooperation. Antonio is approachable, friendly, and the training sessions are tailored to the individual. Progress can be felt from training to training with the motivation and support of the trainer and the pleasant atmosphere in the gym. All recommendations!
Irena ŠumigaIrena Šumiga
22:09 25 Jan 24
Antonio is the only trainer (and I had even 5 of them) who listened to my wishes ..actually what I want is not to get skinny but to gain muscles..His diet plan made for me is the best..you eat everything...no only proteins and vegetables..as with others..the choice is so big and the possibilities are unlimited..and as for him as a person, it means professional, very, very kind and so sweet and simple..Everyone who wants the best for their body will never make a mistake if you choose him to lead you to your goal and desires!
Ivan ŠegrtIvan Šegrt
11:30 30 Dec 23
Barbara VujevićBarbara Vujević
11:28 30 Dec 23
Erin ŠtefančićErin Štefančić
11:28 30 Dec 23
An excellent trainer, very approachable and polite, and the results speak for themselves!
Sisavac 123Sisavac 123
12:07 28 Dec 23
00:40 25 Dec 23
Great experience with Antoni, training adapted to the shape of the person you work with. We started more slowly, but now we're tearing up 🙂
Sara RSara R
12:59 21 Dec 23
Honestly, I have only words of praise. Always available and full of patience for all my questions and concerns. She is there to guide me in the right direction through the whole process and a great support and motivation. Also very professional and excellent at what he does. During the cooperation, I learned a lot about the food I eat and the proper execution of each exercise. And I especially like the fact that the nutrition program is very flexible and that I don't have the feeling that I'm on a strict diet and the whole program is adapted to me. What is most important, I know that later I will know how to continue on my own and that I will no longer need another coach after our cooperation. Warm recommendations 😊
Lucija VukojaLucija Vukoja
23:24 20 Dec 23
Excellent communication, support and guidance. Availability at any time for all questions and concerns. Excellent cooperation leads to an excellent result 😊
Boris LolićBoris Lolić
22:15 19 Dec 23
All praise and recommendation for cooperation.
Josipa DujmovićJosipa Dujmović
21:04 19 Dec 23
All the best. A lot of understanding and support of course.I highly recommend the best trainer. 😃
Anita CondricAnita Condric
07:32 12 Dec 23
From the first contact and the sentence "the right time was yesterday, and since it didn't happen, then it is today", a click of trust happened. I am immensely grateful to Toni as a coach. Even though I am a beginner in the world of training in the gym and have additional health problems, he proved to me that I can train as normal as anyone else, and that my problems were just an excuse. In a month, we have, I would say, excellent results, both in weight loss and fitness. On the other hand, we also improved our blood pressure in less than a month, and that's why we still hang out. Tony, thank you!
Mato BagavacMato Bagavac
12:53 08 Dec 23
Cvijo JankelićCvijo Jankelić
12:52 08 Dec 23
Ivan BudimIvan Budim
10:16 08 Dec 23
Professional and high-quality trainer with a wide range of knowledge and excellent communication skills.All recommendations!
Krešimir ČovićKrešimir Čović
10:13 08 Dec 23
Top trainer!
Sasa KovačSasa Kovač
10:15 07 Dec 23
Top approach ... top atmosphere at trainingDefinitely recommend
Katarina HorvatićKatarina Horvatić
10:27 30 Nov 23
This review will not only be a review of the great trainings, but also of Perky as a really patient and attentive person! I have never worked out in a gym, let alone with a personal trainer and my experience is better than I could have ever imagined!!! As a beginner, even in the second week of training, changes in physical appearance are already visible, as well as more energy, but also better mental health! Antonio is always there to support me and has patience for all my requests, always understanding and ready to help. I also have to thank all the members and trainers of the gym who made everything easier. Antonio, thank you for everything I've achieved so far and I believe that something even greater awaits us. 💌🫂🏋‍♀️💪👏
Sara LacićSara Lacić
13:35 24 Oct 23
Petar BrkanacPetar Brkanac
20:55 17 Oct 23
The best personal trainer I have ever worked with. Although I have experience in training, Antonio helped me to raise it to an even higher level. My strength is higher than ever, I feel better than ever and I am happy with my appearance. Antonio is extremely professional, kind and "knows his business" so to speak. All recommendations.
Ivana GlamuzinaIvana Glamuzina
12:55 10 Oct 23
Dear fitness trainer,Dear Perky, Coach, I would like to thank you for all your advice and guidance and help in achieving my exercise and nutrition goals. Your expertise, dedication and support are extremely important to me.The inspiration and motivation to give my best in every training session, as well as your advice on proper nutrition, changed my life for the better. I feel healthier, stronger mentally and physically and more confident thanks to your mentorship.Thank you for always being available to guide and support me in times of challenge. Your dedication, support, patience and enthusiasm for the work you do is truly inspiring.I will continue to work towards my goals. Thank you for being my coach and helping me achieve my fitness goals, and for always being there if I need you.You're the best 🙃


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