Goran Golubić

Preko 13 godina iskusta u radu s klijentima

“Vrijeme je da sebe stavite na prvo mjesto, poboljšate svoje zdravlje, fizičke sposobnosti i budete sretniji i zadovoljniji u životu.”
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Nada MijatovicNada Mijatovic
12:28 26 Feb 24
Goran's influence on my fitness journey was truly remarkable. I can say with certainty that he is an exceptional professional in his work, because we have been working together, i.e. we have been training together for almost 8 months (3xtj).What sets Goran apart is his ability to tailor each workout to my specific goals, ensuring that each workout is challenging, effective and enjoyable (along with enjoyable I must say lots of laughs).In addition to technical abilities, Goran has outstanding interpersonal qualities that make it a pleasure to work with him.Not only did I notice significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness level, but I also gained invaluable knowledge about proper technique, injury prevention, and sustainable lifestyle habits.Goran not only helped me reach my fitness goals, but also inspired me to adopt a healthier and more balanced approach to life.I wholeheartedly recommend Goran to anyone looking for expert guidance and personalized support on their fitness journey.His passion, dedication and commitment to the success of his clients is truly commendable and I am grateful for the positive impact he has had on my life.Coach 😊 I look forward to continuing our journey together and achieving even better results in the future. I'll post pictures when I'm completely "cut out", :).
Marko PlessMarko Pless
05:18 31 Jan 24
Goran is an excellent trainer, from the very first approach, through the content of the training, to advice in private time. Professional approach, availability, expertise are the characteristics that describe him. I personally turned to him when I was very overweight, and he guided me to reduce my weight to normal limits with training and diet. In any case, you won't go wrong and I recommend choosing him as a trainer.
Irena KosaberIrena Kosaber
08:47 06 Jan 24
For me, the most important thing in sports is to find a reliable coach and motivator. Thanks to Goran for helping me stay consistent and motivated until I reach my goal. For every recommendation
Ana PogacicAna Pogacic
17:11 18 Sep 23
I have to admit that my only criterion for choosing a trainer was "the best personal trainer in the vicinity" and already at the first training I realized how lucky I was because Google sent me to Goran.First of all, he is a human being, and only then a coach.Thanks to him, I walk around the Dolomites like a joke, lift heavy things without thinking or straining. My old clothes are now too big for me and all that is great, but Goran managed to recognize what I came for, he directs me on that path, following my pace.Basically, one of the best investments in life. Really honest recommendation. If you are ready for a change, Goran is ready for you.
Igor MIgor M
20:05 23 Aug 23
Goran is someone you can trust 100%, he will do his best to help you and teach you, there is always a struggle when something needs to be explained, even more than once if necessary.From the first day, Goran's approach was extremely professional, when we first came into contact when I was looking for a personal trainer to help me recover from my right knee injury. He was the first to answer and we immediately got to work.After several months of hard work, Goran's expert guidance and his impeccable eye for detail, I achieved a complete recovery and came to the point where I could do training without interruption and progress to a higher and higher level.If you have the will and discipline, and if you are ready to follow the instructions, make an effort and stick to the advice - success with Goran is guaranteed.
Stipana BiskupicStipana Biskupic
20:41 18 Aug 23
I've been training with Goran for over a year, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outstanding results and experience.His tailored approach and deep expertise have led to impressive gains in strength, endurance and overall fitness. My body's transformation speaks volumes about his dedication.The investment has been worth every penny. Whether online or in person, his guidance is always top-notch and effective.To sum it up, Goran has gone above and beyond. His commitment to results, the value he brings, his ability to seamlessly work with me both online and in person, along with the incredible body transformation make him deserve a five-star rating.For anyone seeking a truly exceptional personal training experience, Goran is the ultimate choice!
Ivana ŠpeharIvana Špehar
08:11 18 Aug 23
Top trainer, wonderful man, great motivator, adapts training to the needs and preferences of each client, extremely witty and sweet. Always available for support, motivation, always finds a kind word and a smile, a great professional and expert in his work. I wholeheartedly recommend it!
Maja MartinkoMaja Martinko
15:31 13 Aug 23
I have been training with Goran for eight months and I can definitely recommend him as a top fitness trainer, a real professional, with an individual approach. In 6 months I lost 12 kg and after a long time I came back to my ideal weight, emphasized my muscles and got rid of back pain. He is always available for questions and consultations and is dedicated to monitoring the work and progress of his clients.
Marko MarinsekMarko Marinsek
15:47 14 Apr 23
Great trainer and person! Good leadership skills in achieving the bests result - both physically and mentally! Results guaranteed!
17:49 19 Oct 22
Really nice personal trainer , helpful and encouraging and has infinite patience.Helpful and takes my health conditions in account.Highly recommend if you’re looking to improve your overall health and fitness.
Sanja VukojaSanja Vukoja
16:27 21 Dec 21
Very professional, true passion to achieve the best results by combination of motivating techniques and exercise program based on knowledge, experience and individual approach to each client
Jonas DičićJonas Dičić
13:59 24 Nov 21


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