Cellulite - the TOP GUIDE for reducing cellulite (as much as 90%)

kako se riješiti celulita

Cellulite or commonly called “orange peel”, is an accumulation of fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue in the form of depressions and nodules visible on the skin. The most critical areas where cellulite appears are legs, butt, the area above the knee, stomach and arms. 

Once a sign of wealth and today a sign of poor lifestyle, diet and lack of physical activity; cellulite has become one of the major aesthetic problems. Billions are spent worldwide in the fight against cellulite; from various creams, anti-cellulite treatments to expensive and modern clinic treatments.

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In comparison to men, women are naturally more prone to the accumulation of fat and find it harder to burn it. The cause of this is the different hormonal status and characteristics of both sexes.

As for the tendency to cellulite, it isn’t true that only people with excess bodweight are prone to it. People of normal bodyweight and even skinny people have cellulite. 

Before we move on to the causes of cellulite, it is important to note two things: cellulite is an integral part of a woman’s body and it is not a disease. 

Of course, the dream of most women is to have as little cellulite as possible and as firm a butt as possible or tight and toned legs. However, it is important to build a positive image of yourself, not to set unrealistic goals and understand that every woman is different and unique in her own way.

The causes of cellulite

Various factors affect the appearance of cellulite.  Read below what are the possible factors:
  • genetics – one of the main causes but certainly not the only one. If your mother has it, there is a high possibility that you will be prone to it (genetic predisposition.)

  • insufficient physical activity –  physical activity increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the muscles and the cells have good blood circulation. When a person does not move enough (sits a lot) and does not engage in any physical activity, the muscles are insufficiently supplied with nutrients and this enhances or increases the visibility of cellulite.

  • diet – a bad and unbalanced diet also makes cellulite more visible. By only making a small correction in your diet and  adding some supplements, you can contribute a lot to prevent cellulite (but this is not enough to correct this factor, you need to work on everything.)

  • various diseases – slow down the metabolism and affect the hormonal status – for example hypothyroidism (a condition of reduced production, secretion and action of thyroid hormones and slowing down the metabolism. Such people feel weak, sleepy, listless, pale skin, are prone to weight gain and to high cholesterol levels) or diabetes (a metabolic disorder characterized by elevated blood sugar levels due to impaired secretion or production of insulin. The body has limited capacity to store sugar in the muscles and liver. When this limit is exceeded, the body begins to store sugars in the form of fat.)

  • hormonal changes – the menstrual cycle also affects the appearance of cellulite. How? Before menstruation, the body secretes enzymes which destroy collagen, which gives the skin elasticity and firmness. Then, the hormone estrogen which is naturally lower in men compared to women. It also affects the firmness and elasticity of the skin and the circulation in the body in general. Also, estrogen naturally begins to decline in a woman’s body around the age of 30.

  • dehydration – optimal hydration is important for the health of the whole body. It gives the skin a healthy look, glow, fullness and firmness.
  • tight clothes – it also reduces normal blood circulation in the body.

How to get rid of cellulite easily

Is geting rid of cellulite really easy? And is there any magical procedure that will remove those fat deposits, dents and nodules forever?

Such a magic pill and solution for cellulite do not exist – it is a big misconception.

Furthermore, there is no procedure that will completely and permanently solve the problem of cellulite. Now we already know why: because of a set of factors that are interrelated and affect its occurrence.

But if you follow the guidelines I will list here, be persistent and consistent, you will achieve results that will be visible and you will be satisfied.

Therefore, the treatment of cellulite should be approached holistically, that is, you should act on all the factors (causes) listed above. So, let’s start.

kako smanjiti celulit


You know this already, but where to find the right motivation, right? 

I know that after a long and intense workday we don’t have too much energy and motivation to start moving and even less to start a hard workout program. But… You can dance to your favorite music!

Dance is helping you to build lower body muscles. Also, is a really good way to burn fat and make your day more joyful.

If you don’t have enough motivation for a hard gym routine, you have to know that I created two programs to become your most sensual and confident self (and probably you already got Unlock Your Sensuality). So, what are you waiting for to move your body?

PS: The second one is called “Unlock Your Sensual Glutes“, and it’s perfect for reducing cellulite and build your most sensual legs and butt. You can try for 7 days without any cost!

Yes I want 7 days trial!

“So Ladies, my butt after 4 weeks compared to the 2 weeks ago, has not changed in my leggings. Just about half a centimeter bigger, and in pictures it doesn’t show on pictures the difference. I don’t think my butt can go any bigger.

BUTT!!! Without leggings…!!! My o my!

I wish I took pictures in my underwear instead of leggings. My changes are incredible after 1 month!

My cellulite on my butt has massively decreased!
My muscles are very visible, not only on my butt, but my leg all the way down to my ankles.
My flexibility has increased massively
My confidend is over the roof.

I can’t wait for beach days for the firt time! <3

Thank you Kristina Mikolcic….. … …”


Eliminate dairy products such as cheese, fried food, sausagesbakery products, “junk food,” sugars, sweet juices, sugars in coffee, and reduce salt intake. 

Don’t skip dinner, don’t think about it, just choose healthier options. Introduce more fruits, vegetables, quality carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice, integral pasta), fish, eggs, chicken, beef, coconut oil, and olive oil into your diet.

If you follow these basics “healthy steps”, and you combine with dancing or exercising your lower body, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH. 


A minimum of 2 liters of fluid per day. Always choose options that you’re 100% sure do not have additional sweeteners: water, tea, squeezed juice – you can’t go wrong with that. You will encourage the body to make harmful substances and at the same time supply it with nutrients.


Cigarettes clog blood vessels because they promote accumulation of cholesterol in them and we already know that poor circulation affects the appearance of cellulite. Alcohol, on the other hand, causes hormone imbalance and has a bad effect on the digestive and circulatory systems.


A sufficient amount of sleep helps the body to regenerate (recover) from the daily stress. Less stress means less “stress hormone” (cortisol) which greatly contributes to the accumulation of extra fat deposits in the body.


There are different options on the market, you can try all or none of them. I will write more about this topic in one of the following articles, and until then I will briefly explain it. Creatinine (which give you more strength if you are training) and Omega 3 fatty acids (which stimulate collagen production and reduce the inflammatory processes in the body).

There are some days when, for some reason, we cannot eat properly. In these cases we can use supplements such as protein shakes with minerals and nutrients, instead of “fast-food”.


Massages relax the body and muscles, regenerate the body from stress and improve blood circulation in the muscles. Do I need to add anything?


Personally, I have no experience with anti-cellulite treatments, but in combination with everything, they can certainly contribute to the results and speed up the process. You can try lymphatic massages, mesotherapy, maderotherapy, laser, radio waves…


The sauna does not melt fat deposits, but it will promote the removal of toxins and unnecessary water from the body outside. This will make cellulite less visible.


Do a full body scrub and use nourishing body creams or oils. Regular skin care keeps the skin firm, supple and taut. Therefore, introduce care for other parts of your body into your skincare routine, not just the face.


Aside from being uncomfortable and making you feel like your wrapped in cellophane, tight clothes reduce normal blood circulation in the legs and further stimulates the formation of cellulite.


Take care of your health, do not delay check-ups and do not wait for the first symptoms and signs of diseases. Even the usual accumulation of cellulite, which is normal for women, can actually indicate some metabolic diseases. Don’t wait, do it on time.

As you can see, there are many ways to get rid of this stubborn cellulite but, finally, the key is willpower and long-term work, there is no easy and quick solution.

When you reach the desired result, the job is not done yet, now you need to keep the results. Cellulite is like the “jojo effect”, it comes back as soon as you relax, start eating all that bad food again and stop moving.

Remember, be strong because you create your habits, they do not create you.


If you found this post helpful and inspirational,  share it with your ladies and let’s spread together more self-confidence and sensuality around the world! 


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