How to dance sexy?
Your sexy dance FULL GUIDE

Want to dance in a sexy way and with confidence? You have come to the right place.

Whether you want to become a sexy dancer for yourself or your partner, dancing sexy at the beginning can make us feel weird, nervous, awkward, or ashamed.

Despite all that, every woman can overcome these feelings (because what can’t we do, duh), and master some sexy dance styles or moves. With a little bit of practice and a few basic, but killer sexy steps, you will feel and look absolutely irresistible and confident with yourself. 😉

In this guide, you will learn how to get into this ‘sexy groove’ and overcome your shyness. Discover a few basic moves that you can perform immediately, and discover which ones are the sexiest dance styles in the world.

How to dance sexy
Archana From Sensual Community by Kristina Mikolcic

How To Dance Sexy [TABLE OF CONTENT]:

How To Dance Sexy And Stop Feeling Shy When Dancing?

Tip 1: Wear clothes that make you feel sexy when dancing

To feel attractive and sensual while dancing we first need to ‘get into a sexy mood’. And what’s the easiest way to get there – wearing something in which we feel confident and hot.

Even if you are dancing and practicing for yourself, there’s not a single reason why you should not wear your best sexy pieces. Treat your inner queen as she deserves. Sexy lingerie and clothes are not only reserved for special occasions, anniversaries, and special others.

Get that sexy dress from your closet and put it on yourself. Dress in that sexy lingerie. Put on halters. Get only in your underwear and top. Or get naked. Wear whatever you feel like wearing, or wear nothing at all if it feels right.

Put your hair down, put on some lipstick, turn the lights off, light the candle and get into a wild and sexy mindset.

And if you’re looking for more ideas to feel sensual and empowered daily, check these ‘9 empowering ways to feel more sensual every day.’

How to dance sexy
'Wear whatever you feel like wearing' Kristina Mikolcic

Tip 2: Improving your flexibility will make your dance sexier + VIDEO GIFS

Warming up before stepping onto the dance floor, stretching, or flexibility/yoga classes will not only protect you from injuries but will also improve your overall body flexibility and change the way you feel and move your body.

Feeling that our movements are limited, not fluid, our body stiff; or that certain parts of our body are ‘locked’ such as hips, back, shoulders, etc., will affect how we perform these sexy dance moves and can make us feel insecure and like dancing isn’t for us.

By improving your flexibility, you will start to feel more relaxed and confident in your body. And your dance will level up 100% as you will start to dance way more effortlessly.

Flexibility exercises that will make your sexy dancing more attractive (that you can do now)

The most common problem I hear from my ladies in the uSensual community is struggling with limited flexibility and feeling uncomfortable or unnatural with their bodies while dancing.

Being flexible is not a matter of talent – ‘you either have it or not’. And if ‘not’, you are doomed to forever feel weird or not satisfied with the way your moves look.

But let me tell you this – it’s a myth. You can make your body flexible again and I’m about to share some basic and simple moves you can incorporate into your daily practice that anyone can do.

Even from your office, or while cooking, it will take you 3 minutes, but the feeling you will have when dancing or even in your day-to-day life, will be significantly different from how you feel in your body now, so let’s start.


*Disclaimer: if you suffer from any injuries or medical diagnosis, consult first with your doctor so you can be sure that these exercises and moves are not harmful to your health.


- Unlock your neck to dance sexy

Letting loose on the dance floor is not easy, especially if you have never been dancing before or not for a long time.

The first thing we will focus to unlock is your neck. For many of us, the neck can be a ‘painful and triggering point’ as a result of bad posture, sitting too much, and not moving and/or stretching enough.

Check our video gif gallery to make your neck movement comfortable and stiff-free.



  • perform this flexibility and stretching exercise before your dance practice

  • Repeat each of these movements 10-15 times.

Neck Warm-up

How to dance sexy
Head Front To Forward
How to dance sexy
Head Side To Side
How to dance sexy
Head Roll

- Unlock your shoulders to dance sexy

Your shoulders impact your entire figure and appearance.

By fixing them, you will change your entire posture, and the way you hold and move your body will dramatically change.

Shoulder Warm-up

How to dance sexy
Arms Circles
How to dance sexy
Shoulder Opener

- Unlock your back to dance sexy

A strong and flexible back (core) is the base of your body and dance. To unlock, get rid of stiffness and move freely, perform these movements before your sensual dance practice.

Back Warm-up

How to dance sexy
Chest Isolations
How to dance sexy
Chest Opener
How to dance sexy
Spine Roll

- Unlock your hips to dance sexy

Your hip movements are the source of your feminine energy and you will need them in all dance styles.

Just knowing how to move your hips will make you feel so irresistible and attractive in your own skin. If you want to look and feel even more in your skin, download our free 3-month glute transformation plan and show off your assets with confidence while dancing sexy.

Use these simple moves in the club, for a romantic night, for some stretches, or just to feel sensual when you need to unplug from the everyday chaotic world and turn to yourself.

Hips Warm-up

How to dance sexy
Hip Swings
How to dance sexy
Chest Opener

Tip 3: Practice your sexy dancing

To feel motivated in your sexy dance practice, it’s good to explore different dance styles to find a sensual dance that feels comfortable and natural to your body.

Once you choose your sexy dance style, it’s time for practice. If adult dance classes aren’t your thing, you can practice your moves first with a video tutorial, and then after you catch the steps, try to perform them by yourself.

To feel comfortable with yourself and to have more control over your body and moves, you can dance and practice in front of the mirror.

If you don’t have one, you can use your computer camera as a mirror and watch yourself while dancing. Or, you can record yourself with the phone camera and later check your dancing and see if there are some ‘things’ that need polishing.

Don’t be afraid of recording and watching yourself, you may be positively surprised. Second, use this opportunity to turn off your inner critic and be proud of every step and progress you made.

by Kristina Mikolcic

Tip 4: Focus on a feeling while dancing sexy

Dance is an art form whose purpose is to connect us back with ourselves and our bodies. It’s a powerful tool to unlock feminine energy and all your emotions through different motions.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, catch yourself overthinking the steps, judging, or not enjoying the moment, remember – you’re doing this for yourself.

It’s not about perfect steps, technique, or performance. It’s about feeling.

Do what feels right to you. Move how feels right to you. And that will make you the sexiest dancer ever.

How to dance sexy with your specific body parts:
This Dance Moves You Can Perform Immediately

To look and feel sexy and sensual on the dance floor, all you need are some basic steps and a couple of new moves.

We will show you the sexiest dance moves that you can perform right now with minimum practice, and without even memorizing anything.

Less is more, and that applies also in dancing.

How to dance sexy with your booty and hips

Show off your attributes with confidence and move like a snake.

Whether you want to reclaim your feminine energy, or play with your partner in private, these hip movements are simple, but will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to dance sexy
Sensual Hip Roll
How to dance sexy
Infinity/Booty Drop

How to dance sexy with sexy hair moves

Did you know that your hair is one of the first things other people notice about you?

Whether long or short, your hair is your sensual signature and an accessory that has to be used in your dance.

Just simply lifting your hair up, caressing, flipping your hair, or playing with it, will make your dance much more attractive.

How to dance sexy
Hair Caress
How to dance sexy
Hair Flip

How to dance sexy and use your arms

Touch connects us with ourselves and others. While dancing, don’t be afraid or hesitate to touch your own body and explore it with your hands.

So many of us feel like strangers in our own bodies.

But knowing ourselves and enjoying ourselves is a way to your authentical, sexier self, where you can open yourself up to more pleasurable and sensual experiences in your life.

How to dance sexy
Sensual Body Caress No1
How to dance sexy
Sensual Body Caress No2
by Kristina Mikolcic

How to dance sexy
by choosing the best dance style for you

Finding ‘the right type of sexy dance’ for yourself is very important. It will help you to stay motivated and you will have the exact reason why you have chosen specifically this dance.

To find a ‘perfect style’ for yourself, you will have to ask yourself these 3 crucial questions:

  • What type of personality do you have: are you a more open, playful, high-energy type and prefer more dynamic moves? Or maybe your personality is more shy, easy-going, and introverted?
  • What type of physical activity do you prefer: do you like something smooth and easy but that can still give you a good exercise routine? Or do you prefer a more playful dance that will make you ecstatic, and energetic, maybe have some footwork, and faster movements?
  • And what’s the goal you want to achieve: do you just want to get yourself moving? Do you want to move to gain more confidence? Is your goal to awake your sensual and feminine energy? Is your goal to shape your body or lose weight?…and so on.

You can answer these questions to yourself in ‘your head’, or you can write them down on paper. It’s up to you.

Once you have your answers and feel them in your body (do they feel right and true to you?) it will be easier to choose the dance for you.

Your next step is to do: choosing a sexy dance for you. 🙂

How to dance sexy
Sensual Chair Dance

How to dance sexy:
5 Most Sexy Dance Styles That Every Women Should Try in Her Life ❤️

How to dance sexy with Sexy Chair Dance

Sexy chair dance is one of those dance styles that definitely has to be on your ‘dancing bucket list’ and here’s why:

  • it’s an effective empowering tool to step into your feminine power and connect with yourself

  • it’s a fun and energetic way to do your workout

  • it’s a dance that will definitely fire up the atmosphere in your bedroom and your relationship

Your main object for playing is the chair, and you will be moving your body on and around that chair.

Although you may feel that this dance requires some previous dance experience or a certain level of fitness, you are wrong about that. This sexy dance is all about your attitude.

And that is exactly why you should start with this dance first.

How to dance sexy
Sensual Chair Dance by Mar Garcia Callejo


Learn how to build a sexy and seductive attitude, how to be flirty, and how to enjoy your own body while performing simple and basic steps with the chair.

Now, letting go like that in front of others can be quite intimidating and uncomfortable. You have to first feel yourself.

The best way to overcome that shyness is to start from the coziness of your own home.

Set up the dance scene: make it dark, light up some candles, put on some lingerie; or whatever makes you feel like the boss, and turn on some music that makes you move.

If you don’t know what to do and how to improvise and come up with some new moves, start with some video tutorials that show some easy and basic steps.

If you are a beginner who likes to learn in an easy and fun way, but at the same time from the best – our double world champion Mar Garcia Callejo is here to help you with that.

Start her beginner-friendly Chair Dance classes, and awake that diva inside of you.

How to dance sexy with Sensual Bachata Dance

Bachata is one of the more popular Latin dances and currently one of the most spread out social dances in the world, and it’s not surprising at all.

It’s a romantic dance enriched with several different dance styles into one (elements of romantic rumba, tango, hip hop, salsa, cha cha cha, and so on).

What’s so unique about this Latin dance style is the emphasis on the lady and her sensuality, and creative, almost wild, yet gentle nature.

Bachata dance has everything that women need to feel absolutely strong, gorgeous and feminine in their own skin.

How to dance sexy
Sexy Bachata Lady Style

If you dreamed about establishing control over your body, developing flexibility, building smooth, graceful and sensual movements, learning how to do all these body isolation and body rolls, improving your posture, and much more, then Bachata should be your choice.

You can choose between Bachata solo dance, i.e. Bachata Lady Style where you are developing your own dance style, working on yourself and things mentioned above.

If you would like to start alone, but starting dance classes in the physical school makes you feel anxious and insecure, and is causing unnecessary stress, then a better option for you is to start with online classes.

Online dance classes have a bunch of advantages.

You don’t have to waste your time going to the dance studio, finding the proper school, dance community, and a dance teacher. Seeing all these advanced dancers that can make us feel insecure, and the list could go on.

Going with online classes first will minimize stressors and increase your feeling of safety and feeling good in your skin. And that is the most important part: to wake up and feel that sexiness while dancing.

If all of these sound appealing to you, and it is exactly what you need, then the ‘Unlock Your Sensuality’ sensual community is the right place for you to be.


More than 8000+ ladies from all over the globe have already joined and enjoyed dancing sexy, sensual, and confident from the privacy of their homes.

So whenever they are ready to go out to social events, or when they are with their loved ones, they can show off their assets with absolute confidence.

Click here and join our Sensual Community that never stops expanding and become a part of this strong, empowering, feminine group.

Or, if you are looking for a new, fun and sexy activity that you can do with your partner, friend, husband, or boyfriend then you should go with Bachata partner dance.

If you both are absolute beginners, this 28-day program ‘Bachata Chemisty’ is for every person that has never danced before and you have full 7 days of a free trial.

So whatever option you choose, you’re not going to regret it, we can promise you that.

How to dance sexy
Sexy Dance For Couples: Bachata Chemistry - a 28 days dance program for couples who never danced before

How to dance sexy and playful dance Salsa

If you have a ‘love to play’ type of personality, Salsa is the Latin dance for you. Playful, energetic, with a lot of footwork, and fast-paced and dynamic moves, Salsa is one of the most fun Latin dance styles.

Whether you want to enjoy some Salsa moves by yourself, at the club, at a social dance, with your dance partner, or in your bedroom, Salsa will give you a good dose of sexiness and fun, as well as a good cardio workout.

How to dance sexy
Sexy & Playfull Salsa Lady Style

What’s amazing about this Latin dance is that it’s a great way of working out too, especially if you don’t prefer the traditional type of workouts. 

Not only will you have fun and enjoy yourself on your own or with someone else who also dances Salsa, but you will also shape and tone your curves. Here’s how you can lose weight and shape your body by dancing.

If you feel these dances is corresponding to your playful personality, or even if you are already a dancer and want to polish your style and work on your own, Salsa should be your dance to go.

Salsa will help you to move your body like a confident dancer, improve your posture and body moves and enhance your confidence on the dance floor.

Start your free dance classes only for ladies with our Tajana Varunek (one of the main ambassadors and leaders of the Croatian Salsa dance scene, a long-time dancer, performer and instructor) and learn this beautiful Latin dance.

Step by step, easy to follow, with gentle lead and high heels of our salsa teacher Tajana, you will master everything you need to become a confident dancer and most importantly, enjoy doing it all the way.

How to dance sexy Oriental Belly Dance

Belly Dance or Oriental Belly Dance is the next sexy dance that you have to try in your life.

If you want to leave someone speechless, hypnotize and seduced by pure feminine power, this is your dance.

Belly Dance is all about diversity and empowering women’s bodies, her wild and soft nature, and the moves are focused on strong hip movements and high energy.

How to dance sexy
Orientall Belly Dance


Belly Dancers more than anyone else know how to own their bodies and show off all their qualities. There’s no shame, no guilt, just pure body empowerment, love and acceptance.

No wonder why these women are considered one of the sexiest and most sensual women in the world.

For that reason, if you are feeling that you need some ‘me’ time with yourself and your body, starting with Belly Dance is what will make you safe and comfortable to start moving.

Easy going, step by step, body part by body part, with empowering Mia’s words and her lovely guidance, you will truly feel awaken and connected to your sexiness after this class.

How to dance sexy Hips Dance Kizomba

Kizomba is a Latin dance with origin in Africa (Angola) and it’s about time to know why this dance is known in almost any country around the globe.

Kizomba is a very gentle, soft and intimate dance. 

It’s characterized by small steps, many improvisations and free styles, and sometimes, depending on the music and your mood, you can combine easy hip movements with strong hip movements.

To enjoy this beautiful sexy and sensual style, you don’t necessarily need a partner, you can absolutely dance it by yourself.

How to dance sexy
Kizomba Sexy Dance

If you are that type of woman who always sways her hips and booty first, this is your dance because it truly puts heavy emphasis on your lower body parts.

Be sure, that what you learn in this dance, you will be able to use it on any occasion: in your social dances at the club, with your female friends, along with your romantic partner, or just with yourself at the end of a long day.

Your teacher in Kizomba dance style will be Kristina Mikolčić, sensuality coach, and creator of the sensuality and confidence dance program ‘Unlock Your Sensuality.’

How to dance sexy and important message for you...

Finally, whatever dance style you choose for yourself, you can not go wrong.

What will make you a sexy dancer is not a dance style you choose, it is your presentation and ability to let yourself move freely without any judgment.


How to dance sexy
Our lady from Kristina's Sensual Community


Practicing steps and moves is important to find and get your dance confidence. But focusing only on your steps will take out that sexy flavor.

When you practice, divide your time between learning and practicing time.

Learning time should be focused on dance technique, learning steps, understanding the moves, understanding the dance, and following your dance teacher on the video.

Practice time/dance it out time is your time alone where you will dance out all steps you have been learning alone, by yourself, without watching the video and following the instructor.

Practice time is very important for you because it will give you that confidence. You will explore your body’s possibilities, you will allow yourself to see how your body wants to be moved and not only the way a teacher tells you.

You will dare to explore improvised moves, and enjoy the music, and you will realize that dance and natural sexiness are already within you. It just needed to be activated again. And a dance is a perfect tool to help you in that.


Dance your way to confidence and sexiness,

Your Kristina



What is the most sexy dance style?

There are several sexy dance styles that every woman should try to dance at least once in her life: sensual Latin dance Bachata, Sexy Chair Dance, Kizomba, Belly Dance, Salsa Dance and Bachata in couples. Dancing sexy in the first place is about your attitude and feeling, then about dance style and performance. Keeping that in mind, it will help you to relax, dance sexy with confidence and enjoy the dance.

How to dance sexy for my boyfriend?

At some point in our life, we are thinking of new, funny and creative ways to have more fun, passion and connection with our partner. Performing a sexy dance for your significant other is definitely one of the ways. Just using simple moves such as sensually moving your hips and booty (booty and hip rolls), touching easy and sensually your body, or his body, crawling sexy on the floor, and playing with your hair,…is enough to seduce him and make him crazy. Have you checked our sexy moves that you can perform straight away without even being a pro.

How to dance sexy in the club?

Find sexy moves that you can perform immediately in the club without previous knowledge or practice in the section ‘Dance Moves You Can Perform Immediately’. Sensual hip roll, booty drop, sexy hair moves, and caressing your body sensually are more than enough to feel and look confident on the club dance floor.

How to lose and move my hips sexy while dancing?

This trick will help you to lose up your hips immediately and sway them more naturally: bend your knees a bit, lower your body down and you will be able to do better hips movements. It will also help you if you perform some flexibility exercises for your hips, which we teach you in all our sexy dance classes. 


By Kristina Mikolcic

Kristina Mikolcic

Helping women to become their most sensual selves through fitness & dance


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