3-month glute transformation (grow, lift, and round your booty)

I can feel your frustration girl! You have been trying many different things to grow, shape, and lift your butt. But all the popular advice that you have been finding on the internet or getting from trainers just does not work out for you.

You have tried squats – many of them.

You tried workouts only with booty bands.

You went to Zumba.

You are eating a lot and many times a day (every 2-3 hours).

And you are training a lot.

But when you look at yourself in the mirror, the size and the shape of your butt remain the same.

Kristina Ondraškova, Slovakia – Unlock Your Sensual Glutes Vip Program ❤️


It looks like, no matter how much you are trying, the results are not coming.

And as much as we would like to blame our genetics, here’s the hard truth: they have taught you wrong.

Now, before you think: “But I have read that the shape and size of my butt depend on my genetics” (while that IS true), let me tell you that even with the worst butt genes, you can grow some decent butt and curves. Keep reading and find out how.



Discover in this 3-month glute transformation [FULL GUIDE]:

Can you increase the size of your butt? 🤔

By Kristina Mikolcic. Results 100% guaranteed or your money back!

For as long as I remember, I have always wanted a bigger a bigger butt, rounder, perkier, and more attractive butt. I just hardly felt feminine in my skinny body and with my flat butt.

So around my early twenties, I started my booty-fitness journey and I kept going to this day.

During that period of 11 years, I have tried many different approaches and workouts to grow my glutes without weights and with dumbbells.I have also done many mistakes.

But I also gained some killer booty gains that I am so freaking crazy proud of and I want to help you to do the same.

If you still believe or think that as much you try, you are not gonna get your result – well my dear, that’s about to change. And that is coming from someone who thought exactly the same.

But hey, look at me now.

My butt is my favorite attribute and I show it off with confidence. And this can be you too.

So let’s repeat this question again: “Can you increase the size of your butt?” Yes, you can.

But your result will depend on your genetics (your shape), fat distribution, nutrition, and training.

Let’s see how each of these elements can help you to grow your butt muscles.

Calories for growing your glutes

The formula to grow your butt goes like this: eat more, train more and you will grow your but.

If done properly, you don’t have to be afraid of gaining too much weight. As long you understand what type of food you should be eating more while building your glute muscles, you don’t have to worry.

Avoid calories from processed and refined foods. These are the empty calories, not nutritive at all, and they will accumulate much more fat in your body.

Second – you cannot grow your glutes if you are not eating enough.

What do I mean by that?

Many times I hear ladies saying: “But I’m eating enough.”

When building muscles, eating enough is not enough to grow your booty. And eating enough doesn’t mean you should not eat anything else just because you feel ‘full’ or had your 2 daily meals.

During that period of building your muscles, your body will need to be in a calorie surplus. That means you will need to eat more than your body needs.

For example, if you are on two meals per day, that is not enough to grow your glutes. You will have to add one meal more to achieve that caloric surplus. If for example, you are eating 3 times a day, then you can eat some healthy snacks or protein powder shakes between your main big meals.

Another important thing – do not train on an empty stomach. And eat after your workout.

Eating one to one and a half hours before your workout will provide your body with energy and strength and you will be able to do quality training instead of lethargic and amusing one. Second, it’s important to eat before training, because that way your body will not use your muscles to create the energy necessary for the work. With that, you are going to keep your current muscle mass, you will not lose them and, at the same time, you will be building more muscles in your butt.

In conclusion, don’t starve yourself on workout days, eat before you move. The training will place these calories into your butt.

Nutrition for growing your glutes 🥑

If your goal is to build and get glute muscles as fast as you can, your approach can’t be ‘one or the other’. Only nutrition is not enough to grow and transform your glutes. And training alone is not enough either.

We really have to combine both of these elements for the fastest and best result – we have to eat well and train well.

Let’s see for a moment why.

If you are eating more, but not training, your body will store more fat and your muscles will grow, sure, but the mass you are getting will not be that lean. So if we want to get as much lean muscle mass as possible, and grow select muscles, training with nutrition is the key.

On the other hand, if we are training, but not providing our body with all the building elements necessary for muscle growth (proteins, carbs, and fats), our results will stay the same. You will get in shape, and your butt will become firmer and toned, but the muscles will not grow because we are not ‘feeding’ them enough and properly.

Or, in the worst case, if you are training but not eating enough, you will start losing that little muscle mass that you currently have.

To avoid the situations above, and understand what type of foods our body needs to build muscles, continue reading and learn about powerful foods that will help how to get a bigger butt.

- Proteins

Proteins are important macronutrients for our body: they build and repair our muscles, but also increase our bone strength, support our immune system, and help our body to fight against infection.

As you can see, eating proteins is not only crucial if we want to build muscle, but it affects the homeostasis of the whole organism.

Even if you aren’t eating meat, you should provide your body with enough protein. There are plenty of different plant-based protein foods. Here you can find some ideas for plant-based and animal protein sources.

Protein meal by kristina mikolcic
My homemade chicken-mozzarella salad.

Another important thing is to know how much protein you should be eating per day. And that amount of course will be different when we are building muscle and once we reach our goal.

Once we reach our goal, we are switching to maintenance. So you don’t have to be worried that you will need to eat a lot of proteins all your life.

With that being said, when we are building muscles your body will need around 1.2-1.7g of protein per kilogram of your body weight. To calculate your daily protein intake, multiply your weight by a number of grams, and you will get an approximate number of your daily protein intake.

Doesn’t matter from which sources you are getting them, as long you provide your body and muscles with enough protein you will get a bigger bum.

Sara Horvat, Germany – Unlock Your Sensual Glutes Vip Program ❤️

- Carbs

Carbohydrates are the second most important macronutrient when building muscles and glutes. And contrary to many negative beliefs ladies have, they are not going to make you fat.

In fact, the opposite – your body needs the energy to help your muscles to grow. If your goal is a bigger butt, avoiding or not eating carbohydrates will slow down your progress and your body will not give you the best result you can have.

You’re probably thinking “how is that possible?”

The important thing here is to eat the right kind of carbs; the one that has more quality nutrients. Carbs that we should incorporate into our diet are complex carbs because they are very nutritive, high in fiber, and digested more slowly. So that will keep you full longer and your blood sugar will not have those crazy spikes.

Carbs to grow your glutes
Homemade dark chocolate brownie with nuts.

In conclusion, carbs from processed and fast foods are okay from time to time, but should not be your main source if you are looking to build lean booty muscles. Try to stick to complex carbs.

Some foods rich in the complex carbs that you can include in your daily menu are: black beans, quinoa, buckwheat, bananas, apple, sweet potatoes, blueberries, oats, chickpeas, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and bread.

- Fats

Next important macronutrient if you want to get a bigger butt is fats. While proteins will help you to get more lean muscle mass, fats are going to increase the fat tissue in your booty.

Together with exercise, protein, carbs, and fats are going to give you a rounder, bigger and perkier butt.

Fats are fuel for the body and muscles; they provide us with energy, regulate your hormones, protect your organs, and are important for your brain health too.

Therefore, eating fats is important, but that does not mean eating any junk food whenever you want. Instead, choosing the right type of fats, such as healthy fats, will get you a bigger bum and is more beneficial for your overall mental and physical health.

How many fats should you consume per day? Around 20-30% of your total daily calorie intake.

Examples of the healthy fats you can start eating today are: salmon, nuts, peanut butter, avocado, lean beef, pork, cheese, pistachio, dark chocolate, and olive oil.


Food for growing your glutes
No diet, but eating all macronutrients: proteins, fats, carbs, vegetable. ❤️ P.S. You can enjoy food and eat healthy at the same time (enjoying traditional Lisabon food, 2022).

Training for growing your glutes 🍑

It’s time to see what kind of training your body and glutes need to make them grow, and what is probably stopping you or slowing down your booty gains.

When we want to grow our muscles, training strategy will be different compared to strategy when our goal is to burn fat and lose weight.

To grow and transform your glutes, we will train for hypertrophy. That means that we what to put our glutes under a specific type and amount of stress that will initiate these processes.

The hypertrophy process can be induced in three ways:

  1. Mechanical tension – working out with weights and training through a full range of motion without ‘cheating’

  2. Muscle damage – microtears that are happening during the training

  3. Metabolic stress – doing more repetition with lighter weights

Combining these three mechanisms will give you the best booty result. So we make sure to train your glutes exactly in that way in our 3-month glute transformational plan that we have prepared for you. Make sure to download it.


Grow your glutes
My fit & sensual client Sara has grown her glutes with my home exclusive glute program 'Unlock Your Sensual Glutes'
By Kristina Mikolcic (Medical Nurse & Fitness Trainer) Results 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Stop doing these mistakes to grow your glutes

Before you start with your glute transformation, let’s see what are the most common mistakes that are stopping or slowing down your booty gains.

❌ Doing too much cardio

Grow your glutes by kristina mikolcic

Doing too much cardio can be contra-productive if your goal is to gain weight and build muscles. Your glutes need different kinds of training and cardio in order to make them grow instead of shrink.

Running on a treadmill, running outside, rowing, and so on, will result in reducing your muscle mass. Instead, to grow your glutes, we will have to replace long cardio sessions with shorter and different ones, such as LISS (low-intensity steady state), for example.

The intensity of LISS cardio is significantly lower and less aggressive on your muscles than normal running. A good example of LISS cardio training would be walking for 30 minutes without stopping, in the same rhythm.

Doing LISS instead of running will result in reducing your body fat but will also keep your muscles from losing their mass and size.

You don’t have to give up your cardio, but you may consider cardio alternatives to running if your goal is to grow your butt.

Another activity that you can do instead of long running, is dancing. While dancing sexy and having fun, you will either shape and grow your glutes, or you can also lose weight by dancing.Y

❌ Doing only one type of exercises

3-month glute transformation by kristina mikolcic
The best combination of exercises to grow and transform your glutes

Training your glutes only with your own body weight, or only with resistance/booty band, or only with weight, will hardly give you the result you want.

For maximum glute growth, and best results,  we have to combine compound exercises, single-leg exercises, and isolation exercises. And we also have to train our entire body (upper body and lower body), not only our glutes.

That way, we are assuring our whole body (including our glutes) gets a specific amount of stress and we are inducing all 3 muscle growing mechanisms.

Make sure to incorporate all these moves into your workout routine and to train your core and upper body too.

❌ Your training focus is only on the glutes

3-month glute tranformation by kristina mikolcic

Focusing only on your glutes and neglecting to train your upper body is not a smart decision.

There are 3 main reasons for that:

  1. Body fat will be reduced slower
  2. If we are focusing only on the glutes and ignore our upper body, we are risking injuries, muscle imbalances, and weakness in other body parts
  3. Slowing down our results and process


Depending on your goal, a good trainer will know what type of plan and program you need to have to achieve the goals you want.She/he will know how to structure programs by combining properly upper body sessions with lower body sessions. And, she/he will do all of that in a safe way, taking into account your current health and level of your physical and mental fitness. 

To avoid all these mistakes, and to have a balanced workout plan that will finally give you the results you want (bigger butt) we have structured our 3-month glute transformation program efficiently so that you will never do this mistakes again.

What you should do to grow your glutes

3-month glute transformation by kristina mikolcic

1. Compound exercises

Compound exercises are these kinds of exercises and movements that are involving several muscle groups and joints at the same time.

Examples of these exercises are squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, pull-ups, bench presses, etc.

Why are compound exercises important in your glute growth routine?

In a shorter period of time, you will be activating several muscle groups and burn much more calories. They are time efficient and are shaping your whole body.

For that reason, compound exercises should be part of your glute workout routine.


2. Isolation exercises

Opposite to compound exercise, isolation exercises are a great way to isolate, target, and work only on specific muscle groups.

With this kind of exercise, you will be able to target muscles that are less active when performing compound exercises and you can focus on building and strengthening the specific muscles.

For example, when performing squats, you are primarily focusing on the gluteus maximus and quads. Isolation exercises combined together with compound exercises are the best strategy to shape and grow your glutes equally in all areas and to work all three gluteal muscles.

An example of a good workout structured plan will look like this: before squatting, you can perform 2 isolation exercises (fire hydrant, laying side leg raises) that will not only warm up your glute muscles and give you a pump but will hit precisely gluteus medius and minimus that in the normal squat are less activated.

I personally like to perform isolation movements as a warm-up and pre-activation sessions before jumping to compound movements. After that, I find my glutes more active and receptive to compound exercises.

But, isolation exercises can also be a great glute ‘finisher’ after compound movements.

If you are a beginner and do not feel your glutes working properly ( there’s no ‘burn’), it’s better to perform isolation exercises before compound ones. If you are advanced, you can play with the order.

Great accessorize that will help you activate your glutes, even more, are resistance booty bands and here you check how to grow your glutes with booty bands too.

3. Single leg exercises

Single leg exercises are important for building additional strength in the muscles, they are improving your stability, can fix many muscle imbalances, and are perfect for isolating and working on your glute muscles.

For example, as we can notice differences in the size (visual imbalance) and strength (functional imbalance) of the left biceps compared to the right biceps, the same can happen to our glutes.

To fix these imbalances and grow our (glute) muscles, we will need to perform single-leg movements. For example, if your left glute is not the same size as your right glute, next time while performing, for example, single-leg glute bridges, we can add one extra round for the weaker/smaller side.

Great examples of single-leg glute exercises are also a single-leg hip thrust, pistol squats, and Bulgarian split squats.

4. Progressive overload

So far, sure you have read about progressive overload in every good glute growth article, and yes, it’s one of the crucial components if your goal is to grow glutes.

Progressive overload will keep your muscles constantly challenged and will stimulate your muscles to expand.

Progressive overload can be achieved in many different ways, not only by lifting more weight. You don’t have to be worried that you need to start lifting super heavy weights from the start. That is not the way.

If you are a beginner, and training, for example, for one month with your own body weight, for the first month you will be focusing on learning how to perform movements correctly and with focus on the right muscle groups.

Your second month might look like this: adding booty bands to your glute routine; doing the same movements and exercises with less rest in between. Or add one or two dumbbells, each of them 2kg, and perform the same exercises. 


3-month glute transformation at home program (DOWNLOAD FREE PLAN + EQUIPMENT-FREE)

When planning your workout schedule, the most important thing is to be realistic and honest about the time you are truly willing to invest.

We have many things going on in our lives; work, family, relationships, stress, kids, school; and all that can easily turn our focus away from our fitness and health goals or make us think: ‘This can wait’.

The best way to avoid these situations of starting and stopping in the process is to sit by yourself, check your schedule, and check with your inner self how much time per week you can actually devote to yourself and your mental and physical health.

Considering all these factors, we have created the easiest plan ever that will grow and shape your glutes. It is easy to follow, it will fit your life, goals, and busy schedule. The best thing is it is absolutely free, equipment-free and you can download it here.


Claim Your 3-month glute transformation plan 👇

You can do it all by yourself: Transform your glutes at home with this 3-month glute program

How many times have you tried to find on the internet a complete glute guide and workout plan that will tell you exactly what to do to get a bigger bum?

There are many pieces of information and practical advice on this topic, but at the same, much of it can be confusing.

Not to mention that we are all different and that it’s not the same if you are a beginner or advanced fitness person.

For that reason, we have created a plan that you will love.

You can print the plan or follow it directly from your phone, computer, or iPad.


Claim Your 3-month glute transformation plan 👇

In this 3-month glute transformation program, you will discover one of the top glute growing exercises. The plan is easy to follow, it’s beginner-friendly, you don’t need any additional equipment (it’s only optional) and you will not lose yourself in the materials.

You will start slow and build your new glute habit in a comfortable way. Every week you will progress and grow your booty because the program is created in a progressive manner.

Every month and every week is broken into details. You will get a workout schedule with all exercises written; how many rounds and repetitions you should do, what days you will be working out, and explanations with pictures and short videos.

You will also find additional suggestions on which workout equipment you can use if you want, and how you can improvise with home objects if you can’t invest in some basic equipment.

We covered everything that you might struggle with, and if not, you can always send us an email.

Are you ready to transform your glutes in the next 3 months?

If you haven’t downloaded our 3-month glute transformation program yet, you can do it HERE.

3-month glute transformation glossary

To make the most of this plan, download our 3-month glute transformation program.

There you will find examples of how you can plan your weekly workout schedule, instructions on how to perform exercises, how many times, rounds, and what optional equipment you can use during the training (not mandatory).

1st month exercises glossary (exercises library)

1. Exercise Free Squat

2. Exercise Free Lunges

3. Exercise Free Side Squat

4. Exercise Static Plank Hold

1. Exercise Static Abs Hold

2. Exercise Free Donkey Kickbacks

3. Exercise free Fire Hydrant

4. Exercise Rainbow

1. Exercise Push-ups

2. Exercise Reverse Triceps Dips

3. Exercise V- crunches

4. Exercise B-stance Deadlift

1. Exercise Curtsy Lunge

2. Exercise Holding Squat Side Walks

3. Exercise Frog Pumps

4. Exercise Side Plank

1. Exercise Plank Open To Close Legs

2nd month exercise glossary (exercises library)

1. Squat + 2 pulsations in the lower phase

2. Reverse lunges

3. Side squat + leg raises

4. Upper To Lower Plank

1. Abs hold + leg raises

2. Banded Lunges + Kickback

3. Open to close squat

4. Jumping lunges

1. Women pushups

2. Plank shoulder taps

3. Mountain climbers

4. Banded B-stance Deadlift

1. Curtsy lunges to side squat

2. Glute bridge

3. Banded Frog Pumps

4. Side plank hold

1. Plank open-close jumps

3rd month exercise glossary (exercises library)

3rd month of exercise is a combination of the first and second months. Download PDF so you can follow easily and check which exercises had to be done in the last month of the glute transformation program.

Personalized 3-month glute transformation program with a certified personal trainer [FREE TRIAL ]

Many of us don’t like to work out alone – firstly, it can be very boring, and secondly, we quit fast.

In the perfect workout, a scenario would exist, maybe it would look like this:

  • you have a female community or a friend that is always ready for action and accepting all your crazy fitness ideas so you don’t have to do it alone

  • you don’t have to leave your home, and lose your precious time in traffic jams. Instead, you turn on your tv, phone, or IPad and you can do it from your home with the minimum space required

  • preferably that it’s equipment-free and there’s fun music in the background so you can dance in between

  • you don’t have to spend your time getting ready for the gym and feel that pressure of looking ‘perfect’

  • you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive monthly gym membership and at the end of the month you realize you went only 3 times and you lost your money for nothing

  • you have a certified personal trainer that will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, and motivate you along the way

  • and all that for a totally affordable price, lifetime access, so you can do it at your own rhythm, and with minimal time required

How to grow glutes for skinny women

Kristina Ondraskova, Slovakia – Unlock Your Sensual Glutes Vip Program ❤️

All that is not only a dream, but it can become your very real reality.

Today you can discover my exclusive glute program: ‘Unlock Your Sensual Glutes’. ‘Unlock Your Sensual Glutes’ is 100% designed for ladies who want to transform, shape, or grow their glutes and curves fast from the comfort of their homes.

You can try the program for FREE, explore everything, connect with our sensual female community, and get my full personal support.

You will find different plans and programs for different fitness levels and goals.

We will do it together. I will train with you every time during your fitness journey, and you will feel as if you have a personal trainer coming into your home every time you want to work out.

With only 20 minutes a day, I will motivate you, tell you what to do, how to do it, and everything in between, get ready to shake your hips with some dance and sensual booty shaping moves.

You can claim your 7-days free trial here and get lifetime access to this exclusive glute program.


Transformations are not easy. And if we want to make them real, they have to start in our minds.

When motivation vanishes, which will happen fast, we have to have something that will keep us away from quitting.

And the only thing that can motivate and pump this mental muscle is your VISION.

The vision of your stronger, healthier, younger, and happier self.

People start their fitness journey for many different and personal reasons.

But, one important thing you should always keep in mind: your body is not seasonal. You deserve to look and feel your best every single day and not only in summer, in a bikini, or while wearing certain types of clothes.

Secondly – if in your imagination you can see your stronger, sensual, healthier, and happier self, this picture you are seeing and feeling in your head, can become your reality.

Hope to see you on that side of reality, together with me and our sensual ladies.

Your Kristina

Kristina Mikolcic
Tenerife 2020.



Kristina Mikolcic

Helping women to become their most sensual selves through fitness & dance


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