How to gain weight in your butt? Top 7 Practical And Most Effective Weight Gain Tips

There’s nothing bad or wrong with small butts and some ladies wear them proudly and with confidence.

But, if you are feeling dissatisfied with your backside, I can understand why. Some can call it vanity, but the physical look does affect how we feel about ourselves and does affect our confidence and mental health.

If you have always fantasized about gaining muscles mass in your butt, hips and tights you have come to the right places. Discover our top seven effective ways that can help you to gain weight in the ‘right places’ fast, get rid of a sagy and flat butt and learn how you can make your curves visually look bigger already today.

How to gain weight in your butt by kristina mikolcic

In this article you will find out:

Tip #1 Start with your mindset to gain weight

Our mindset is our main weapon in anything we do in our life. Therefore, is important to cultivate a positive attitude because attitude is the main difference between people who reach their goals and those who are dreaming and are never ready to wake up and work out for their goals.

Now, how your mindset is connected to gaining weight?

Grow your glutes mindset
Kristina Mikolcic: "Control your mind. Don't let your mind control you. "

If you see yourself as a ‘hard gainer’ and a person who struggles to gain weight, your thoughts will affect your body and your results. A low moral, negative self-talk and stress will slow down your gains and your progress. Remember, we become what we think!

A positive mindset is something we learn and practice too. Whenever you notice your brain starts to serve you with mental bullsh**, stop it there and switch to positive thinking.

Instead of ‘I’m never going to have a bigger butt, why is so hard’, switch to ‘What a queen I am. I’m showing up, I’m not quitting and I’m totally gonna get this dream butt’. You will be amazed how much faster you will gain weight and get your bubble butt.

Tip #2 Know what food your body likes to gain weight

Your muscles are built from protein. In order to promote muscles growth and stimulate muscle protein synthesis, you will hear everyone saying: “You have to eat a lot of protein” and increase your calorie intake.

While is an absolute truth that your body needs specific food and protein intake to promote muscle growth, there’s something you should know and understand too.

Obviously, every body is different. Some of us can have food allergies, medical conditions, or just simply food we do not like and enjoy.

Furthermore, what is working for me to gain weight, doesn’t mean it will work for you or someone else to build muscle. You shouldn’t follow blindly every piece of advice you find on the Internet and get from others. Use your own brain. And listen to your body.

eggs express
Trying different kind of eggs in Eggspres Zagreb

For example: maybe dairy products will work for me and help me intake my daily dose of proteins – but what if you are allergic, for example, to dairy products? Does that mean that you will blindly follow the advice you got? Does that mean you should comprise your health because getting your butt bigger is valuable more, than your health? Of course, not.

The point is, we always have to educate ourselves and see what in the sea of advice and information is the best solution for us.

You can still intake enough protein through other food, eat tastily and eat with purpose to gain weight. You can find proteins not only in full fat yogurt, skim milk and most famous animal products such as chicken breast. Proteins can be found in plants too.

Know your body; what does it like, what food it reacts the best, and in that way, you will achieve the fastest and best results in a healthy way unique to your individual needs.

Experiment, try, monitor, write and see what your body, digestion and metabolism are like and react the best.

Tip #3 Start with weight training

Only a small group of ladies is so lucky that anything they eat, the food goes in all the right places, i.e. their glutes. If you are not in this lucky minority, and even with a fast metabolism, eventually, the body will store these extra calories not only in your muscles but also in the fats. Instead of healthy gains and lean muscle weight, we will get a ‘skinny fat’ look.

If your goal is to gain weight and as much as possible lean muscle mass, you will have to incorporate resistance training into your weekly routine.

Weight training or lifting weight will help you to put all these extra calories into the ‘right places’ i.e. your gluteus muscles, hips and tights. You will get so desired curvy and, healthy look.

Training in the Gym
Traning in my home town Virovitica, Croatia 2022. Bossport Gym - here I started my gym story 10 yeras ago.

Now, I do understand that maybe you get a panic attack when you hear the word ‘lifting weights, but do not worry. I have good news for you.

First, if you are a beginner and naturally skinny, your body is more prone to gain weight and develop muscle mass with the right kind of training, together with good nutrition.

That means, you don’t have to run to the gym immediately and hit it like crazy, there are some other things to understand first.

A beginner lady can easily start to exercise from home with her body weight only and she can gain some decent curves. See here how you can grow your glutes without weights on your own. Or, join our VIP glutes program at home “Unlock Your Sensual Glutes” and get a full plan, schedule, how-to-do, and full training with me.


Before starting to lift, and before going to the gym, it’s more important that you gain some basic strength, knowledge and confidence.

First, you have to learn how to perform exercises correctly with your own body weight. How to move safely, which exercises is targeting specific muscle groups, what exercises are for your body type, how many repetitions and rounds, how much to rest in between, what is a progressive overload, and so on.

To start exercising from home is great. In that way, you are preparing yourself for success and ‘Unlock Your Sensual Glutes’ program can help you exactly with that and much more.

The program is equipment-free and body weight-focused. You can try it for free for the next 7 days and we will move together – you are not training alone. If you wish to have a female version of ‘gym buddy’ now you can not complain, ’cause here I am.

Are you ready to do it with me?! 🙂

The benefit of working out from home is: you will avoid all the unnecessary stress of finding the right gym, go there, and see all the people that can make us feel even more amused or deconcentrated from your own training.

Start from home, master basic, work out with your own bodyweight, then slowly start to add resistance such as booty bands, ankle weights, dumbells, or kettlebells.

Even if you don’t or can’t invest in some of the basic booty home equipment, you can always use home objects as alternative weights. Take rice bags, books, or bottles of water and use them as extra weight.

Remember, once you decide you have it, you will be unstoppable and you will get it. Don’t allow your fears or insecurities to stop you from what is already yours. You got this girl.

Tip #4 Rest Your Muscles If You Want To Gain Weight

Everyone at one point underestimates the power of rest and some of us still do. Our minds is often telling us to do more, work more, and exercise more.

And while it’s true that we have to work in order to achieve our goals, it’s also true that our body and mind need to rest in order to integrate what we learn.

In the same way, after the workout, our body needs to rest to stimulate muscle growth and recovery.

After every session, we create micro muscle damage in our muscles, and if we don’t sleep enough, a minimum of 6 hours (recommended 8) our butt muscles will grow slower.

On another side, except from a sufficient amount of sleep, we also have to be mindful of how often per week we are stressing a specific group of muscles.

Rest to grow your glutes
Find your favorite version of rest - one of mine is drinking coffee in the sun.

For example, let’s say you have decided to train your lower body 3 x a week.

How you can plan this schedule so the schedule works for you and not against you (we want to avoid overtraining our muscles).

In other words, if you are training your lower body 3x/week, we will have to have a minimum of 24 h of rest per muscle group (preferably 48, but I know that our week is not all about training but also about life in between).

Specifically, if on Monday for example you are training your glutes, on Wednesday maybe you can focus on your legs. While your glutes will still be working, the main focus is not on them, but more on your legs. So with that, you are giving time to your gluteus muscles to recover and grow. Also, in that way you will be still working on your lower body, but with a different focus on a different muscle group.

And then again on Friday, you can hit again your glutes.

Do you see the point?

Training the same muscle group every day will not stimulate muscle growth and will not get the results we came for.

If you want to grow your buttocks fast and get thick, sleep more and schedule your workout sessions purposefully.

Tip #5 Take your pre and post-workout to gain weight

When you are in the process of gaining weight, working out on empty stomach is not recommendable. Not only you will not have enough strength, but you could also feel dizzy and lethargic and the worst – your body will use your own muscles to create energy so you can move. Instead of growing your muscles, your will start to lose them.

We all have different habits, and many of us don’t have time to eat in the morning or simply haven’t developed this habit. But to get those rounder buttocks, you will need to try to eat more balanced throughout the day.

Eating before a workout will give you energy, strength and focus.

If you are working in the morning, your breakfast could look like this: eggs that are high in healthy fats and high-quality protein, whole grain bread and a glass of milk for example. If you are drinking coffee in the morning, take it after breakfast because coffee can often affect our hunger.

If you are working out after the job, you can choose some healthy fats snacks such as various nuts and dry fruit. Or, you can pick up some healthy carbs such as bananas, brown rice, or normal rice that you can buy in-store and find in small packages.

Protein shakes
Protein shaker - taking proteins after training to help my muscles to recover and grow.

On the other side, eating after the workout will recover the energy you spent and will grow and recover your (all) glutes muscles. Remember, your booty needs glute-growing foods, which are proteins in the first place.

If you want to grow your but fast, after you finish your workout, try to take protein as fast as possible. Your muscles need food and energy, they are pumped and ready to use these extra calories and store them in muscles.

Examples of the food you can take immediately after the workout and you don’t need too much time to prepare: protein powder (whey protein in a shaker), homemade smoothie, greek yogurt with nuts, dry fruit and cornflakes, cottage cheese. Or, more concrete meals such as breast, salmon, oily fish baked on the pot and side dishes like sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, legumes, beans, etc.

Tip #6 Normalize doing mistakes

Let me give you an example. Every day you need to eat. And every day you have to cook.

Did you know since the day you were born how to cook delicious, how not to burn your meals, how much salt you should add to this dish? No.

Learning how to cook well is a process, even if you make the simplest and fastest dishes in the world.

But did you give up the first, the second, or the third time you messed up? Obviously no. Why? Because you have to eat. You know that this skill takes time and practice and eventually you will master it.

The very same approach applies when it comes to gaining weight.

Don't forget to eat food you like
And don't forget to reward yourself for the hard work you are doing. 🍦

Most people will give up if they don’t see results and if they don’t gain weight fast as they would like. But gaining weight is not a linear process and is different for every person.

If you see that you are not gaining weight, or not getting any closer to your goal, don’t be afraid to change your plan.

The same example you have read about nutrition, the same counts for your workout plan. Effective exercises are the ones that will make results for you, not the ones someone is insisting you should do.

Experiment and explore. Track your progress, monitor your body and if something doesn’t work after a month, do changes and try again. Be patient and consistent in your routine.

Have in mind that everyone is doing mistakes, but we haven’t let those mistakes stop us from our objectives. We continue trying until we haven’t found a formula that works for us. And you are able to do the same.

Tip #7 How clothes can make your butt look bigger

In the same way, clothes can make you look as if you just lost 5 pounds, they can have an opposite effect too. Instead of hiding behind the clothes, you wear, why not learn some simple tricks and clothes hacks that can make you feel and look more confident and attractive in the clothes you wear.

Even if you feel like there is nothing to emphasize on your body, with the right selected pieces, colors and fabric you can make your curves look visually bigger.


Here's how to dress to optically create more curves on your body:

  • Avoid black color – black color will make you look skinnier and thinner and that is not the goal you want to have. If you want to make your butt and hips look visually bigger chose more light colors such as white, gray, and all variations of pastel colors.

  • Wear yoga pants and booty shaping leggings – leggings are great sport and casual wear that will definitely give you that gain weight look. If you also try a “hug your booty’ trick, mmmmm, there is no way you will go unnoticed.

  • Turn jeans into your best friends – three crucial things you should keep in mind when finding your perfect jeans: small pockets that are placed a little bit higher on your butt; choose elastic/stretchy jeans that will give you a curvy look and not squeeze everything you got; go for high waist jeans that will emphasize your curves.

  • Flared pants – flare pants are one of my favorite pieces of clothes that will give a very feminine and curvier look. These kinds of pants are tighter around your waist and wide around your feet ankle and in that way will create an irresistible hourglass silhouette.

  • Peplum tops – peplum tops are very fitting around your waist and are flarry on the bottom. Combine them with a high waist pencil skirt and pants and they will give more curves to your body.

  • Pencil skirts and dresses – pencil skirts and dresses for tinny girls are the kinds of garments that every skinny lady should have in her clothes. They are perfect for special occasions, work and any occasion where you want to feel sexy, feminine and powerful.

  • Brazilian pants or thongs – normal pants usually make smaller butts look even smaller and they make more flare. In order to avoid that flattened look, especially while wearing pants, a better option is Brazilians that are cut a bit more than normal pants or classical thongs.

  • Heels – some ladies love them, others can hate them. But, if you do want to make your curves bigger, high heels will help you with that. High heels are making your back curvier and will definitely emphasize your figure. Go for 7 cm heels that are very comfortable yet sexy.



Dear lady, gaining weight is not an easy process, it can be confusing, and frustrating, but is absolutely possible. Your best partner in that process is first your mindset and your positive attitude. For that reason, we name these tips number one in any transformation.

Every transformation in life starts in our head first.


Because finally, the real struggle is not in lack of time, money, workout equipment, etc (which I’m not saying can not be true) but is coming from a wrong mental attitude.

Our minds can make us feel strong and powerful, or weak and miserable.

You are choosing how you wanna feel. And better choose empowered feelings and taught.

Decide who you wanna be, how you want to be perceived by yourself and others, how you won’t feel in your body, and start doing it. Bite and fight until you don’t succeed. And don’t forget to tap yourself on your own shoulder and tell how great and strong you are.




How to make my butt look bigger instantly?

To instantly make your butt look bigger and like you have gained weight, you will have to wear clothes that fit your body type and will emphasize your curves. Clothes such as flared pants, pencil skirts and dresses, peplum tops, light colors instead of black and dark colors, yoga leggings, Brazilian pants and so on are all the tricks you can use to instantly make youR butt look bigger.

Why I can't gain weight?

If you are trying to gain weight but not seeing any results, the reason for that can be choosing the wrong type of exercise (too much cardio for example), not being regular in your exercise routine, you are not eating enough food (balanced nutrition), or medical reasons, disease such as depression, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, eating disorders, celiac, and so on. If you want to know what type of exercises are recommended for your body type, how to balance your food intake better and what mistakes you can avoid to gain muscle weight, check this “Weight gain program for female/skinny women” full guide.

How can I gain weight fast and safely?

To gain weight fast and safely it’s necessary to combine these three key elements: start lifting weight: combine compound exercise with single-leg exercises and isolation exercises with booty bands and work all of your body not only your lower body.

Have a healthy diet. Just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you should base your diet on processed food. Balanced healthy will support muscle building, so make sure to eat enough proteins (animal and plant sources of proteins, protein powder such as whey protein or plant powder proteins), healthy fats: avocado, fatty fish, almonds, olive oils; and carbohydrates: brown rice or normal rice, whole grains bread, dried fruit, sweet potatoes, pasta. And most importantly, stay consistent.

How long it will take to get a bigger butt?

It depends on your goal but it can take about one month to start to build muscle and notice first gains to one year until you reach your personal curve preferences. The most important thing is that you stay consistent, and from month to month if you apply key elements to gain weight (lifting, eating more calories, and proteins) you will reach your desired goal.

Kristina Mikolcic

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