How to grow glutes at home with resistance bands in 2023

If there’s a single piece of equipment you should invest in when it comes to glute exercises, it’s resistance booty bands.

Booty bands are one of the best accessories on the fitness market, because not only can you grow your glutes with them, but you can train your entire body with the minimum space required. They are easily portable, simple to use, and you can do the training anywhere.

How to grow glutes at home with resistance bands

Pay attention and grow your glutes!...

8 booty band exercises to grow your glutes at home

The next glute exercises that I’m about to share with you are the best booty band exercises for growing your glutes. You can use them as a whole glute resistance band training (and you will get a good workout) or as a pre-workout activation of your glutes.


1. Squat + hip abduction

Squat with hip abduction at home by Kristina Mikolcic
Squat with hip abduction

Targeted area: gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus

How to do it: Place your booty band right above your kneecaps. In a standing position, place your feet at shoulder width or a bit wider (test it until you find a comfortable position for you to squat). Inhale before you start to squat. Start lowering into the squat position while pushing your knees out and resisting the force of the booty band.

After you come in the squat position, push your thighs and knees more apart to open your legs more, performing hip abductions. Slowly bring your knees back in a squat position, and with exhale go up in the starting position.

Do 10-12 repetitions of this exercise, 2-4 series.


2. Lateral squat walks

Lateral squat walks with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Lateral squat walks with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus medius and minimus

How to do it: Place booty band right above your kneecaps. Go in a squat position in a way that your hips are parallel with your knees. Depending on how much space you have in your home, do a side step while constantly resisting the band, bringing your knees together and holding the resistance. You shouldn’t relax your knees at any moment ’cause that way you are targeting and activating your small gluteal muscles.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your room, do 2-3 steps on one side and then repeat 2-3 steps on the other side.

Repeat this exercise 5-7 times, 2-4 series. You are counting one when you do this exercise on both left and right side.



3. Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Fire Hydrant with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus medius and minimus

How to do it: Place booty band right above your kneecaps. The starting position is on all fours. Activate and squeeze your core muscle for better stabilization. Inhale and elevate one leg sideways. On the side you are working on, your knee should be flexed at 90-degrees and parallel with your hip when elevated.

Then, with exhale, bring your leg back down to the starting position in a controlled manner, without the resistance band relaxing and snapping onto you.

Do 10-12 repetitions of this exercise on both sides, 2-4 series.


4. Donkey Kickbacks

Donkey Kickbacks with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Donkey Kickbacks with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus maximus

How to do it: Place booty band right above your kneecaps, and position yourself on all fours (you can also perform this exercise in a standing position). Activate your core muscles, inhale, and, from the hip, start elevating your leg up in the air behind your back, keeping it at a 90-degree angle. Your knee should be parallel with your hip when you elevate your leg and squeeze your glutes. In a controlled manner, bring your leg back down in the starting position, without touching the floor, and repeat.

Do 10-12 repetitions of this exercise on both sides, 2-4 series.


5. Diagonal leg raises

Diagonal leg raises with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Diagonal leg raises with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus maximus

How to do it: Place booty band right above your kneecaps. You can perform this exercise on all fours or standing, supporting yourself on the wall, chair, sofa, etc… you can be creative here. The same way as in previous exercises activate your core muscle. Keep your hips parallel with the floor, do not rotate or ‘open’ them. Extend one leg completely and start elevating it diagonally, and slowly bringing it back, touching the floor with your toes. After you touch the floor, repeat the same with the other leg.

Do 10-12 repetitions of this exercise on both sides, 2-4 series.


6. Clamshell

Clamshell with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Clamshell with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus medius and gluteus minimus

How to do it: Place the elastic band just like in previous exercises. Lay down on the floor/mat on your (for example) left side. Elevate your torso from the floor by supporting your body on your elbow. Flex your knees and align them with your hips in front of your body. Inhale and elevate your hip from the floor and at the same time move your right leg away from your left leg. When you reach the ‘top’, with exhale start bringing your right leg back to the left leg and go down to the floor with your whole body.

Repeat this exercise on every side, 10-12x, 2-4 series.


7. Reverse hip extension

Reverse hip extension with chair and resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Reverse hip extension with chair and resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus maximus

How to do it: Take a chair (you can do it on a bed or sofa, as well) and lay down in a way that your hips are on the edge of the chair and free to move (your hip bone has to be off the chair). Don’t forget to place the band around your legs, as in previous exercises. Extend your legs and flex your fingers so they are touching the floor. Open your knees wide so you feel the resistance of the band on your knees. Keep your legs wide apart, resisting the band, and bring your both legs up in the air. Slowly, in a controlled manner bring your feet down touching the floor, and then repeat the exercise.

Repeat this exercise 10-12x, 2-4 rounds.


8. Single leg glute bridges/glute bridges

Single leg glute bridge with resistance band at home by kristina mikolcic
Single leg glute bridge with resistance band

Targeted area: gluteus maximus

How to do it: Glute bridge is one of the best floor exercises for activating and growing glute muscles, as well as good preparation for the hip thrust on the bench and the single-leg hip thrust. The easier variation is the glute bridge on both legs, and the second variation is the single-leg glute bridge. As always, for better results use your elastic band and place it around your knees. You are going to flex one leg in the knee and elevate it from the floor. While your one foot is in the air, you are going to push your hips up in the air from your other foot on the floor. Make sure to always push your hips up through the heel for extra glute activation.

Repeat this exercise 10-12x on both sides, 2- 4 rounds.

Do Resistance Bands Really Work To Grow Your Glutes?

To gain muscle mass, and grow your glutes in particular, the most important method you need to respect is progressive overload.

Progressive overload means adding more resistance to your glute training, such as adding more weights, incorporating new exercise into your routine, more repetition, less rest, the tempo of performing an exercise, adding a resistance band to make your glute training harder, and finally to stimulate your glute growth.

If you want to build muscle with resistance booty bands, there are 4 ways how bands can help you with that:

1. Elastic bands are key for glute activation

Elastic bands, also known as mini bands, booty bands, or resistance bands, will help you to understand how you can activate your glutes while performing exercises and how to achieve that ‘burning’ feeling in your muscles. 

If you ever find yourself performing a glute exercise, but not feeling any sensation in your bum, a resistance band is a game-changer against ‘lazy/dead- butt syndrome.’

The resistance band creates elastic tension on your glutes. To overcome that tension, you will act against that force, your glutes will activate, contract and the muscle stress will give you that feel like your glutes are burning. 

The more your butt muscles are under stress (active), they will grow bigger and stronger as they recover from that stress of exercise. That's why it's easier to effectively grow glutes with resistance band.

2. Resistance bands help you in developing Mind-Muscle Connection

There’s a famous saying that ‘any workout is better than no workout’ which is true to some point. But, let’s be honest, we train to see and feel results.

The same goes when growing your glutes. If you want to see your first butt results in one month, you will need to understand some basic principles of glute training. Laying down on the floor while performing some butt exercises and thinking about your job, homework, or dinner you need to cook, will not suddenly give you a dream bubble butt.


Grow your booty at home with resistance booty band
Kristina Mikolčić; activating and warming up my glutes with resistance booty band


When you do your booty workout, the more glute muscles you activate and contract, the better you ensure your glutes with enough stress. If you don’t know how to achieve that mind-muscle(butt) connection, your muscles do not contract enough or properly.

If you can not feel your glutes working, a.k.a. feeling your butt muscles burning, then your glutes are not working. For that reason, incorporatin booty bands into your glutes training is important. Not only it will help you to develop crucial mind-muscle connection to grow your butt, but you learn how to activate your glute muscles and feel them better during each exercise. 

3. Resistance bands target all parts of your butt

Gluteus minimus, maximus, and medius are the muscles that comprise your glutes. To grow your glutes in all these areas, it’s important to incorporate a variety of different movements, targeting the correct muscles and from all angles.

With an elastic band you can perform a load of different glute isolation exercises that will target both small (medius and minimus) and big muscles (maximus) of your glutes.

You can play with different resistance levels to see how much resistance you can take, depending on your fitness level. If you are a beginner, the light resistance band is enough for you to get started and feel your glutes. 

If you are not new to working out, you can use some heavier resistance such as medium or heavier resistance.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Resistance Bands In Your Glute Training

If you are looking to add something extra to your gym or home training, resistance bands are a piece of equipment that literally anyone can use. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, recreational or professional athlete, older adult, a pregnant lady who’s looking for safe ways to move during pregnancy, or someone recovering from an injury; there are no limitations when it comes to this workout equipment.

Whether your fitness goal is to build muscle, gain strength, or lose weight, resistance bands are a must-have piece of equipment.

Let’s see what are some specific benefits of using these bands in your fitness routine:


1. Cost friendly

Resistance bands are one of the cheaper pieces of fitness equipment, that every person should invest in. You can find a variety of prices on the market and choose something for yourself.

Instead of spending money on expensive equipment or machines, that you probably won’t use, with this single piece of equipment, you are saving your money and space, plus you can perform many different glute and other exercises.

Grow glutes at home with booty band

2. Resistance bands reduce risk of injury

The main difference between resistance bands and free weights is the kind of force that needs to be overcome while training. When we train with a certain amount of weight (barbell, kettlebell, dumbbells, and other free weights or gym machines) our joints, tendons, and muscles are under greater stress and force that our muscles and joints need to overcome. If we add too much weight, with bad form, incorrect way of performing an exercise, poor and weak posture, it’s a perfect cocktail for getting yourself seriously injured.

Contrary to weight training, while working out with resistance bands, your joints are loaded with a significantly lower amount of stress. This means that the possibility of injury by using resistance bands is reduced to a minimum. So if you are a beginner, suffering from an injury, or need some modification in your training, trying to activate and feel your glutes, elastic bands should be your first choice.

At the same, you will be putting your glutes under necessary stress to grow and build muscle, and all that while working out safe.

3. Focus On Deep Core Activation

Another great and important benefit of working out with elastic bands is learning how to activate your deep core muscle. 

The constant tension that the band creates demands constant focus on maintaining the tension and control over every movement. To prevent an elastic band from snapping uncontrollably back at you, you will focus more on core activation, stabilization so you don’t lose balance and finally, you will be cheating less while performing the exercise through the full range of motion.

Grow your booty at home with resistance booty band
Kristina Mikolčić: To perform correctly banded Fire Hydrant, engaging your core (abs muscles) is crucial

4. Perfect travel buddy

If you are looking to stay active on your holiday or if you’re living a nomadic life and having challenges to stay consistent with your workout routine or find a perfect gym, well, resistance bands will fit anywhere. 

You can easily pack them into your bag, luggage, or even your computer bag, and they will not make your luggage heavier. You can easily move with them anywhere and still get your dose of effective booty, leg, or arms exercises.

Grow your booty at home with resistance booty band
Trip to Lisbon 2022. Working out with resistance bend & my favorite workout mate 👩‍❤️‍👨 in the living room

5. Exercise creativity

The great thing about resistance bands is that you can work all your muscles with them, not only your glutes. 

There are hundreds of exercises that you can perform with bands, and all you need is a bit of creativity and you are ready to go. Find out below what are the best exercises to build muscle and grow your glutes at home with a resistance band.

6. Recovery and/or Rehabilitation

Resistance bands have been also used in rehabilitation since they improve the strength and function of the injured muscle.

It’s very common to use them in rehabilitation for older people but also in the recovery of athletes and recreationists.

7. Stretching and Mobility

If you are working on your flexibility and mobility, resistance bands are a great tool to use as help instead of assistance from another person. 

When you are stretching alone, you are limited by your own level of (active) flexibility. But, with resistance bands you can assist yourself in passive stretching and create some extra pressure on your muscles.

How to choose the best resistance band for your glute muscles

There are different resistance bands that you can find on the market, depending on which part of your body you would like to train, but let’s see what are the best resistance bands when it comes to your glute training.

Fabric or Latex Resistance Booty Bands - which one to choose? (VIDEO)

Specifically, when we are talking about booty resistance bands, you will find two kinds of them on the market: Fabric resistance booty bands and Latex resistance booty bands.

Continue reading to find out what are the pros and cons of these two types of resistance bands so you can make your decision based on which one is the best option for you at the moment.

Grow glutes at home with booty band
Booty bands I have: latex booty band (yellow) & fabric booty band (pink)

Fabric resistance booty bands


  • Thick fabric material provides more resistance for your muscle, therefore are a more effective and better choice if you want to grow your glute muscle mass
  • they don’t roll up, pinch skin, pull hair, are less irritable for skin, non-slip, they snug and fit better
  • they have extremely durable elastic, they won’t rip or tear
  • very versatile for lower body and butt exercises
  • you can find more design options for fabric elastic bands
  • fabric booty bands are more popular and effective for growing your glutes



  • They have more resistance and are harder to use for ladies who have less strength in their thighs or are beginners
  • fabric resistance has only 3 resistance levels (light, medium and hard)
  • after a lot of use, they will start to stretch out and lose their resistance
  • fabric bands are harder to clean compared to latex bands (you can wash them in water and dry them out) and can absorb sweat
  • less versatile for the upper body because of their resistance levels and material
  • fabric bands are more expensive than latex. For one fabric band you will need to spend around $15-$40

Latex resistance booty bands


  • Better for beginners and ladies who lack strength in their lower body. Provides less resistance compared to fabric elastic bands
  • Latex resistance booty bands have more resistance levels to choose from, but it depends on the seller
  • More versatile for all types of exercises
  • Easier to clean
  • Latex bands are less expensive compared to fabric bands. Usually, in one pack you will find 3 or 5 bands of different levels. For one pack of 3 or 5 bands you will about to spend approximately $8-$40


  • Fewer design options, most are coming in basic colors such as yellow, blue, red, green, or grey
  • During the exercise, latex bands roll up, can pinch your skin, pull hair, and are more irritable for the skin
  • They are less comfortable for your skin and workout compared to fabric bands
  • They stretch out and tend to break or tear more easily
  • They can snap to your skin if you are not careful, not using properly,or if they get broken during exercises
  • Your muscles adjust quite fast on the resistance level of a latex band, so you will frequently need to switch to a higher resistance level to reach peak resistance.
  • Can cause an allergic reaction to latex
  • Smells like plastic


How to use and where to place resistance bands for most effective muscle growth

How to use glute resistance bands

Now that you know which elastic band to choose according to your preferences, let’s see how to use it properly for effective glute training to get that booty gains.

Choosing the level of resistance is very important because you want to add enough resistance working on your glutes in order to make them stronger and bigger. 

Using the correct level of resistance on your muscles will result in that ‘burning’ feeling in your glutes. If you are not succeeding to feel that burn and your glute workout routine is becoming easier, that means you already got used to your workout, and that level of resistance is too low.

To get the best out of your glute training, observe how your body reacts and adapts. 

With time, change resistance level, do your glute sessions with medium or hard resistance level, play with the number and types of sets (2-3 sets beginners, 4 sets for intermediate/advanced level per each exercise), number of repetitions (10-15x), rest between sets (30-60 sec), duration (7-20 minutes) and frequency of your workout (2-4x/week).


Grow your booty at home with resistance booty band
Kristina Mikolčić: Booty gains in 5 months

Where to place booty resistance bands

To feel your glutes burning and working properly, how you place and position the band around your legs is one of the key elements for achieving great booty results.

And not only that, if you don’t know what is the optimal position, you can struggle a lot during your training. If you don’t know where to place your resistance bands, you will struggle with 4 things:

  • your muscles are not activating properly (you don’t feel the ‘burn’) – fabric and latex band
  • you are not targeting properly your small gluteal muscles: gluteus minimus and medius – fabric and latex band
  • the resistance band is rolling up your thighs and interferes with your training – a latex band
  • the resistance band can snap to your skin – a latex band


You can avoid all these potential problems just by placing your resistance band in the correct way. Furthermore, specific placement of the resistance band will increase glute activation and you will perform exercises without cheating and in the full range of motion.

To make sure that you are getting the best from your glute training, you should mostly place your resistance band around your thighs, a bit above your kneecaps.

In most cases, in variable resistance training that’s focused on your glutes, this will be your position, but sometimes, depending on the exercise you are performing, you can move the resistance band down on your lower thighs. And this is the most effective placement to build muscle in your glute muscle training. Everything lower or higher than that will not be as effective and can cause unnecessary struggles.

To sum: grow your glutes with resistance bands!

Using resistance bands in your glute training will completely transform your glute routine.

It will be fun, creative, not boring at all, effective, you will grow your glutes, and the best thing is that you are not limited with access to the gym and you can use them even while you are traveling.

Now you can really transform your glutes from anywhere, but don’t forget to progressively overload your glutes.

When your routine becomes too easy, play with resistance levels, rest less between sets, do more reps, and add some dumbbells to your body weight exercises,…

You can use all or some of these 8 exercises in your next workout routine, and please, let me know did you manage to stand up the next day from your bad.

The amount of activation and stimulation your glutes will get if you apply any of these butt exercises into your routine is amazing.

Kristina Mikolcic

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