How to lose weight by dancing: The Best Dance Styles for maximum weight loss

Losing weight does not have to be a demanding or exhausting process.

In fact, dancing from the comfort and privacy of your own home is one of the most convenient, fun and financially less demanding ways to shed the fat.

Dance as a weight-loss tool is rarely considered among grown-ups. Most people will find dancing as a leisure activity or as an activity only for kids, nightlife, or clubs.

But contrary to all beliefs, dancing can be as effective in losing stubborn fat as well as other cardio workouts. Plus, it has many other health benefits that you will want to enjoy.

And here’s the best thing about dance.

How to lose weight by dancing
Bachata dance for weight loss

It’s actually fun and it’s working – once you try it, you will not want to quit like so many times before with regular diets and workout plans.

The dance will not only help you to lose weight, but it will also do something more important for you as a woman.

It will help you establish a healthier relationship with your body. And it will help you to awake and connect to your sensual and powerful nature.

Let me show you this beautiful world of feminine dances and sensual energy where benefits and opportunities are endless. As for your body, as for your mind and soul.


Discover how to lose weight by dancing [FULL GUIDE]:

Can I lose weight by dancing at home?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight by dancing if you do it right.

How fast this process will go, depends on your current fitness level; how much weight you want to lose, how often per week you will be dancing, for how long, and which dance style you will choose since each type of dancing will burn different amount of calories.

And now, before we continue, let me share my own ‘managing my weight dance story’ with you.

In case you’re new here, my name is Kristina, and I have been dancing all my life – dance is my passion, calling, and part of my everyday life.

At the age of 31, thanks to dance, but also to my lifestyle, I’m keeping my body and mental fitness on the top level.

Dance has helped me to keep a lean body composition and get toned muscles and feminine curves during all these years.

I like to combine my dance routines with fitness routines, which prove to give the best results. The same approach I use with my clients. If you too, want to get the best result, you can check out my exclusive club, uSensual Club where you can get access to my full sensual content: dance routines, workout routines, mindset, and more…

How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight by dancing 🧡 (instructor Kristina Mikolcic - uSensual Club)

In my dance community – online and live, I keep listening to people saying:


‘Dance helped me to get these abs.’

‘Dance helped me to trim and shape my lower body’.

‘Thanks to dance, I finally feel more confident in myself and my body.’


Although people rarely think of dance as a weight-loss tool, it definitely is one and you should give it a go.

It’s fun and easy, and you have music that’s elevating your mood, which will motivate you even more. You will be shaping your body and burning fat in the most entertaining way you could possibly imagine. You will feel energized and full of happiness hormone at the end, instead of drained and tired as you could feel with other cardio workouts.

The amount of dedicated time involved with this pleasurable activity to start shedding fat and shaping your body is about 2-3 hours a week to start getting the results.

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your home and dancing in public places, such as dance studios, you can easily find online dance classes for your preferred style, with different dance moves and routines, and do it from your home.

In my lady’s community, uSensual Club, you can explore different dance styles that will not only help you to lose weight effectively but will also help you to unlock your sensual energy as well.

How to lose weight by dancing
Samanta from Kristina's Sensual Community

All classes are beginner-friendly, explained step by step, and you can repeat the moves until you get them, as well as dance as many times as you want and need. 

And if your goal is to lose that stubborn fat faster, you can add some strength and dance workout sessions, which by the way, you will also find in the club.

Do I need any prior knowledge or specific equipment to start dancing and losing weight?

As a beginner, you don’t have to have any kind of specific equipment.

First, we want to keep you safe and stable and improve your strength and coordination, and we will achieve the best results if you start dancing barefoot, only with anti-slippery socks or in sneakers.

If you have been dancing previously or training in any other sport, you feel confident in your body and don’t suffer from injuries, then you might perform dancing moves in lather ballet shoes/slippers.

Later, depending on the dance style you choose and if you decide to stick to it longer, there are specific kinds of dancing shoes you may want to invest in.


As to dance experience, every good in-person and online dance school will cover all the levels: from level 0, i.e. complete beginners, to more intermediate and advanced ones. In uSensual Club, you will find all of them, so you don’t have to worry or stress about being able to follow and enjoy the classes.

A lot of fun and a lot of smiling while burning calories are guaranteed! 🙂

The Best Dance Styles for maximum weight loss

Check our list of best dance styles for weight loss that will activate and shape your entire body.

After trying out many different dances, I have found dancing styles that will help you burn maximum calories and will have the best effect on shredding and shaping your body. And for that reason, I have been teaching these same styles in my lady’s community, uSensual Club.

In this list, you will find which ones they are, how each of these styles can help you to lose weight, and then choose one, or a few of them, that sounds more appealing to you and your personality.

How to lose weight by dancing
Best dance styles for weight loss 2022

- Bachata dance for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour dancing Bachata: approximately 200-400 kcal/h

Did you know that bachata is one of the most popular dances in the world amongst all generations?

If you have never heard about this style, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. And, it is my pleasure to introduce you to this beautiful, sensual, feminine, and modern dance form.

Bachata dance is not only perfect for weight loss but has so many other benefits when it comes to transforming your whole relationship with your body and your feminine energy.

While dancing the bachata, you will be moving your whole body, doing waves, rolls, dips, and isolations and you will burn calories like crazy.

Wondering why?

Although bachata is very sensual and soft, it involves so many sensual movements with your chest, torso, arms, shoulders, hips, booty, and legs that in addition to losing weight, you will develop some crazy flexibility and strengthen your body.

If you have never tried this dance, it’s time to change that and try this Latin style.

Try Bachata dance classes for ladies only and burn calories in the most sensual and feminine way.

How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight by dancing Bachata (instructor Kristina Mikolcic - uSensual Club)

- Salsa dance for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour dancing Salsa: average 400 kcal/h

Salsa dance is a very popular and famous style, and compared to Bachata, has more vigorous and faster movements.

The music is very playful and fast too, and for that reason, this dancing style will help you lose weight and burn tons of calories.

If you prefer dance styles that have energizing effects, are dynamic, and have a playful personality, then Salsa is a perfect choice for you.

Characteristic movements for this dance are very rapid turns/spins, arm work, shoulder work, and footwork.

Salsa is definitely a high-intensity dance, that demands a lot of controlled movements and it’s definitely not a joke.

If looking to shed fat and lose weight by dancing fast, Salsa is definitely your ‘go-to’ dance for that.


How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight by dancing Salsa (instructors Tajana & Kristina - uSensual Club)

- Belly Dancing for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour dancing Belly Dance: approximately 270-360 kcal/h

All dances in the world are teaching us how to embrace and accept our bodies, but the way Belly Dancing is teaching us that – is the next level.

With this dance style, first you will discover how to embrace your body regardles it size, shape, or age. 

If you feel that accepting your body and feeling comfortable again in it, regardless of your weight loss, is your soul calling, belly dancing might be the right option for you.

You will learn how to tap into your creative and feminine power through characteristic oriental shimmy moves that involve movements with your hair, shoulders, abs, and hips.

You will also discover how to perform sensual movements with your arms, chest, and lower body, as well as how to just feel the music and let go of yourself in this style.

How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight by dancing Belly dance ( instructor Mia - uSensual Club)

- Chair Dance for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour dancing Chair Dance: approximately 200-300 kcal/h

Chair Dance is one of the most erotical and sensual dancing styles where you will tone your upper and lower body while burning calories.

This dance form allows you to fully explore your sexuality and express your own sensual power while showing off all of your best assets.

In uSensual Club, we are teaching step-by-step, simple, yet seductive and effective dance moves and steps with the chair so you can feel motivated and accomplished. You will learn how to own those simple moves in a way it will make you feel, and therefore look, like an absolutely sexy and confident diva.

Chair Dance workout is definitely a style worth trying – not only because of the way it will impact your body and mind, but who knows, maybe one day you will decide to surprise your partner and leave him speechless.

Reclaim your body confidence back with this empowering dance style.

How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight by dancing Sensual Chair Dance (instructor Mar Garcia - uSensual Club)

- Couple dancing for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour dancing Couple Dance: 200-400 kcal/h

One of the best ways to stay motivated and consistent with your dance training regimen is to start dancing with your partner.

There’s no better couple’s activity that you can do together, wake up your passion and have fun again like at the beginning of your relationship; or connect on a deeper level if you are a fresh one.

Dancing with your love is one of the most romantic experiences every couple should experience at least once in their lifetime.

And the benefits? They are many.


How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight dancing with your couple or friend (instructors Kristina & Javier - uSensual Club and Bachata Chemistry)

You will laugh together, encourage each other, you will flirt and seduce each other again, and you will discover one of the best hobbies you could possibly have together.

While enjoying another dance routine and having fun together, you both will improve your fitness and overall health.

One of the best online couple dance courses you can try is ‘Bachata Chemistry’ – a 28-day Latin dance program for couples who have never danced before.

You will learn step-by-step with instructors that are coupled in their private life and are both dancers. We know and understand what could be your and your partner’s frustration. For that reason, the man will be learning from the guy (my partner Javier) and the woman will be learning from me – Kristina.

With only 15 minutes per class, you will start to dance already after the first dance lesson. It will be simple to learn and understand, and you will finally stop stepping on each other’s toes.

Pause your ‘Netflix night’ and stop being one of those couples who are just sitting and being bored when you are out or at family events and weddings, and try these online dance classes today for free.

How to lose weight by dancing
'Bachata Chemistry' - a 28-day Latin dance program for couples who have never danced before (instructors Kristina & Javier)

- Dance Workouts for weight loss

Calories burned by one-hour doing Dance workouts: 300-800 kcal/h

If you’re not a fan of classic workout routines, gyms, and weights, dance workout routines can replace these classic forms.

Many people believe that dancing is just for fun, but look up again at the dancers and you will obviously see how that belief is wrong.

Dance and dance workouts can and will shape your body if you do it regularly and stick to it.


How to lose weight by dancing
Lose weight with Dance Workout (instructor Kristina - uSensual Club)

Dance aerobic workouts are all performed with the music, which will definitely make it fun and easier to do. You will perform many basic moves and their variations, aerobic steps, hip hop moves, salsa, cha-cha, and bachata steps, depending on the style of the trainer.

This kind of workout will activate your entire body. You will be shaping your abs, legs and glutes and will definitely help you to burn fat and regulate your body weight.

In my dance workouts, expect basic movement patterns and their variations (squats, glute bridges, lunges, and so on) I like to incorporate some Latin, sensual and club moves. 

Pro tips to get the best of your dance workout routines

By incorporating these few lifestyle tips with your dancing routines, you will maximize the weight loss process:

Eat healthy and nutritive food to lose weight

If fast and junk food is part of your everyday menu, try to replace it with healthier options. Eat proteins, whole carbs, fats, fruits and veggies. To check a more concrete list of nutritive food that will help you burn fat and build muscles, click here. Second, if your goal is to shed fat as fast as possible, it’s obligatory to be in a caloric deficit – eat less than your body needs. To put it simply, if for example you are having a snack between main meals, exclude it from your daily food intake.

Hydrate your body to lose weight

Dancing will make you sweat, a lot. So make sure to always have a bottle of water with you and sip it during the practice. Your body and muscles have to stay hydrated so they can burn all these calories.

Warm-up and stretch

Before every dance session warm up your body to prevent injuries and move with easiness. And after the session, relax your body and nervous system with some quick stretches and a few deep breaths. In uSensual Club, we take care of both.


How to lose weight by danicing
Before every session you will warm-up your body with our instructors (Kristina - uSensual Club)

Don't just think about the steps, feel your body and connect to yourself

Getting frustrated with yourself just because you are not getting it from the start, is equal to being mad at the child when he’s starting to learn to walk. Act with yourself as you would act with a little child. Be patient. Have fun. Laugh to yourself. Turn off the inner critic. Enjoy yourself and feel how all these new movements make you feel and reconnect with your body.

Listen to your body

Sometimes, even if we do it all right (you did the warm-up and you stretched) you can feel your body is sending you signals to stop doing some certain movement. While it is normal to feel a certain level of discomfort when we start something new, every movement that is causing you more serious discomfort or maybe even pain, it is better to stop and rest or go for alternative variations of the move, such as doing it in an easier way.

How about wearing something that makes you feel sexy

How about dancing in your underwear? Or crop top? Or a sports bra? In a dress? Or maybe even naked? Whatever feels sexy to you, makes you feel confident, and gives you that extra energy and motivation boost, do it. Again, it’s not just about doing it, it is about enjoying it while doing it.


How to lose weight by dancing
Choose clothes that boost your confidence while dancing and losing weight (instructor Kristina - uSensual Club)

Combine dance with a strength workout to lose weight faster

Combine dance with a strength workout for super faster results – if you are looking to speed up the weight loss process, combining your dance routine with a bodyweight workout will give you faster results. If you would like to shape your glutes and legs, even more, try our VIP program for the lower body ‘Unlock Your Sensual Glutes’ and for free here. 

Extra tip to lose weight even faster:

After you master the basics, and feel confident enough, you can gain additional hours of dance by going to social dance events, dance school events, or dancing at the disco. The more hours you spend dancing, the more calories you will burn. In one night of dancing, you can burn up to 1000 kcal (depending on the dancing style).

Most important takeaways

Choosing dance classes for weight lose is definitely the funniest way to trim and shape your body.

Not only you will get rid of stubborn fats you have been dealing with for too long, but you will be doing it in the healthiest and most positive way for women.

You will start to feel sensual again, and you will reclaim your confidence. Learn how to dance sexy (you can perform some moves immediately) and claim the body you have always wanted with easiness.

My team of sensual trainers and me, we will take a good care of you, and help you get your results as faster possible but with safety and pleasure.

With love,



Is dancing good for weight loss?

Dancing is one of the best ways to lose weight because it provides your body with an aerobic and anaerobic workout. One hour of dancing can burn up to 200-400 kcal/h. Dynamic, vigorous moves, turns, controlling your body, coordinating, balancing, changing directions, and so on, dancing is working all your body. And, what’s very important for women, it cultivates feminine energy in you.

Which are the best dance moves to lose weight?

The best dance moves to lose weight are more dynamic moves and one that works as many possible muscle groups at the same time. More precisely Salsa, Dance Workouts, Sexy Chair Dance and sensual Bachata. These dance styles are one of the best dancing exercises to lose weight.

How long do you have to dance to lose weight?

As in any other physical activity, only being consistent with your dance practice will start to shed stubborn fat, kilograms and centimeters. For noticing the first results, you are supposed to be dancing a minimum of 2-3 times per week, every week for one hour. Depending on your body composition and body mass index, you can expect to see your first results already within one month.

Can I lose weight dancing at home?

With these dance styles (Bachata, Salsa, Sexy Chair Dance, Kizomba, Belly dance and even couple dance) you can lose weight dancing at home without ever taking a class outside of your home. Whether you signing up for an online dance program or starting with some free workout that you can find on my YouTube channel too, moving your body from home or gym, it doesn’t matter. Every workout is better than no workout. The sooner you start, the sooner you will celebrate your first results.



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