ALO MOVES. My Personal Review in 2023

Everything you need to know before joining Alo Moves that nobody explained in their reviews.

Being able to move without pain and ease is my life mission.

Although I have never experienced any kind of hard trauma or serious illness, 5 years of experience working in the hospital, made me realized to cherish and nourish my healthy body

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be considered a luxury. It is our basic need.
As a medical nurse, dancer and fitness enthusiast, I claim that movement is our cure. Not a punishment.

Movement keeps me healthy, strong, agile, flexible, mentally stable and happy, and that is why I love to experiment with different kinds of sport and activities. 

Thanks to Latin dances and fitness, my body is very strong and resistant. But it’s also true that I got used to specific movement patterns, and 2 years working with computer caused my body to start to suffer.

That's the reason why I started Alo Moves

They are challenging my mind and body to move in a completely different way that my body is not used to. Just after 3 months of training, I can see and feel progression in myself.

The pain in my neck and in my back is reduced, my dance becomes even more graceful and fluid, finally, I can do backbands and go into splits, and, deep squat feel like a comfortable
position again.

With this routine that I have now; dance, fitness and flexibility training, I feel that my body is finally in balance and stronger and healthier than ever.

And due to my great experience with Alo Moves and dancing program, I want to share with you my personal review in 2023.

Table of Contents

What is Alo Moves?

Alo Moves is an online yoga, fitness and mobility video platform.

There you can find different instructors, a number of classes ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, and programs for beginner, moderate, intermediate and advanced level.

Alo Moves Reviews 2021

How much is Alo Moves subscription?

Alo Moves has two payment options. One is the monthly payment that costs $ 20 USD and another is the annual payment, where you save $ 41 if you pay the full year ($ 199 instead of $ 240).

Both options have a free 14-day trial. You will have to enter your payment information, but you will not be charged anything until the end of the period. Once finished, if you have not canceled, you will be charged.

It is only possible to pay by card. There are no other options like Paypal or transfer.

Is Alo Moves worth it?

If you are yoga enthusiastic or you have big pain in back and neck, I could say yes. Good quality both of the explanations and of the content. I think that no  yoga or mobility platform is more complete than this one (and if there is, let me know in the comments below!)

Also, it is one of my favorite physical activities. With my sensual dance classes I burn fat, tone my legs and feel sexy and confident, and with Alo Moves I reduce my back pain so that I can perform dance movements pain-free.

IT’S THE PERFECT COMBINATION! You can check my sensual programs here: sensual dance, sensual fitness and sensual lifestyle.

Alo Moves and sensual programs reviews 2021

The truth is that sometimes it can get pretty confusing to unsubscribe from Alo Moves. But here I’ll show you step by step what you must do to cancel it successfully.

  1. Click on your profile:
  2. Click on Edit Profile:
  3. Click on Manage Membership:
  4. Click on Cancel Membership:

Is Alo Moves free?

Yes and no.

It has a 14-day free trial option, but afterwards the price is US$ 20 per month.

PS: With this link you will have 30 days instead of 14.

30 days of free access.

How to connect to Alo Moves on my TV?

Like with any other online program, connecting to Alo Moves does not depend on the platform, but on your device.

You can use ChromeCast, connect a Smart TV to the platform, or simply connect your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable so that everything that happens on your laptop can be seen on TV.

Does Alo Moves have background music?

Yes. All of the classes I’ve tried so far feature background music to motivate and animate you.

Pros and Cons of Alo Moves Platform

Although in my personal opinion Alo Moves has much more pros than cons, there are also some things that I don’t like and that could be improved.

My private programs

Unlock your Sensual Booty
At-home booty program that will help you to activate your sensual lower body, shine with confidence, and achieve the glute goals you've always wanted!
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Unlock Your Sensuality
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My weekly routine with Sensual Dance and Alo Moves

Monday: 15 min with Alo Moves + 30 min of sensual choreographies

On Mondays I like to start the day with a “Morning Yoga Flows” routine to stretch the body, and avoid feeling “stuck” on the first day of the week.

When I finish work in the office around 5 pm, I start to warm up so I can practice the steps that I plan to show to my students in our sensual dance community.

Tuesday: 30 min of Sensual Booty + 1h practicing my dance moves

Most Tuesdays I like to work on my glutes. Even though I go to the gym, sometimes I train at home with rubber bands and my own body weight, same way as I teach in my “Unlock Your Sensual Booty” program.

Again, after leaving the office, I go to the gym to work on my technique and dance movements, which helps me improve a little more every day. Normally I train for an hour, although there are days when I feel so full of energy and I train for up to 2-2.5 hours!

Wednesday: 30 min of Sensual Legs Workout + 1h dancing and recording new material for my sensual community

On Wednesday mornings I usually meditate with some YouTube video. Nothing too complicated. I do it for 20 minutes after getting up and it helps me clear my head so I can continue with energy and positivity for the rest of the week. (If you want to see what videos I use for meditation, I’ll leave them below!)

On Wednesday nights, I have my sensual bachata online classes!

In addition to offering my sensual dance course, I also receive online classes from one of the best dancers in the world: Sara Panero. I can’t stay still and I like to constantly learn from the best.

Thursday: my boring day. Office, emails...

Usually Thursdays (although sometimes it’s another day) I usually spend, from early morning until late at night, in the office. I usually do all the tasks that require the use of a computer such as emails, invoices, designs, talking with colleagues …

So the rest of the days I can be more relaxed.

Sometimes at night, if I have a little time left and feel like it, I do my own stretching routine for the back and core.

Friday: 1h of flexibilty + recording day

On Fridays I attend flexibility classes here in Zagreb (Croatia).

They help me to dance much more safely and make my movements look more sensual and dynamic.

The rest of the day I use to record new content for my students in my sensual community: new choreographies, doubts, new programs…

Weekend: dance + dance + dance

I take advantage of the weekend to dance, not professionally but as a hobby. I dance salsa, bachata and kizomba in clubs, in the living room with my partner or sometimes a group of us who like to dance, in Zagreb, meet in a park, play some music and dance.

My Sensual Programs that I combine with Alo Moves

If you want to know more about my sensual dance program “Unlock Your Sensuality” or my program for a perfect booty, whatever your age or body shape, “Unlock Your Sensual Booty”, you can click below for more information.

The “Netflix” of sensuality. Five different sensual dances, Ten different fitness modules for achieving your sensual body and proffesional coaches for a sensual lifesttyle.

Unlock Your Sensuality
A latin dance program for becoming your most sensual and confident self, burn fat and enjoy your exercises.
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Unlock your Sensual Booty
At-home booty program that will help you to activate your sensual lower body, shine with confidence, and achieve the glute goals you've always wanted!
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Alo Moves Promo Code for 2023

If you want 30 days for free, instead of 14, click here.

If you found this post helpful and inspirational,  share it with your ladies and let’s spread together more self-confidence and sensuality around the world! 

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